the daylight (the day of the first march)

James, the eldest son of the large family was sixteen years old at the time the knight named Sunlight arrived in their small town.  It had been a long time since anyone new showed up in the town with the exception of the new tax collector sent in after the old one was charged with hording ninety percent of the taxes to himself.  Sunlight was a man in golden armour he carried with him a sword the size of a small child he would refer to it as his divine instrument of justice, but at that moment all James knew was, this had to be the coolest man he had ever seen.  All the children of his family rushed to see the knight and question his appearance, crowding around as he strode confidently through the streets without a word.  All concepts of manners went out the window as he continued along his way simply paying them no heed.  Until James said, “I know why you’re here, you’ve come for the dragon egg haven’t you?”  Sunlight stopped and stared at the boy as if noticing him for the first time.  “Young lad, I am sir Sunlight, the very light of  the nation my mission is peace and your egg has long been dormant  no one wishes to rob you of your treasures, I am here for an old witch long suspected of hiding in the region.”  Sunlight held up a picture of an old lady, one that looked surprisingly like James’s grandmother. Sunlight instantly perceived the situation by reading the face of James and his kin.
“Worry not child, we don’t wish to hurt her, simply enlist her services in stopping an ancient threat, she is the only one to ever seal it away we wish only to seek her council, please, for the good of riverside.”  Sunlight said with a radiant smile.  James lead the knight to his house and showed him to the witch, his grandmother and she instantly awoke from her slumber. “It is you Jack the third, I see you survived the cliff.” Grandmother said with a smile.  “I’ve no time for playing catch up, I simply need advice in getting rid of the shadow, it has returned.” Sunlight said in a grave tone.  “I can’t help you the memory isn’t as good as it once was, you need young magic, don’t you royal knights still train wizards?”  Grandmother replied returning to her knitting.  “No one of magic has been born in years, it is all but lost.” Sunlight said turning to leave sorrow evident in his words.  “Not true, there is one I’ve hidden his powers even from him to prevent him from being snatched away, but if it really is the shadow then I have no choice but to release the seals on him.” Grandmother said without looking up.  Sunlight stopped and turned to face James who had yet to realize there was a glow around the both of them,  “You’re coming with me child I’ll require your help.  Please do not resit, this is for the good of Riverside.”

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