Hey, I’m awkward

   As a self proclaimed writer I love that moment when after not knowing what to say the right words slip into my head and the universe opens up once more.  Expressing myself is hard work and I’m a lazy guy, when I write I can take hours on a single sentence and it’s fine, but out in that pesky thing people like to tell me is the “real world” whatever that means, you can’t just stop mid sentence to figure out if you mean you empathize or you sympathize.  So what’s an echo to do? First plan was to be a hermit and survive solo, since I have not yet gained access to a sweet cave in walking distance of foraging grounds, that seems unavailable (for now) so on to plan b, being awkward.  It’s been effective thus far yet is clearly subpar, much akin to throwing an ugly rug over a giant gaping chasm, even if no one notices it only becomes more of a safety hazard.  I love being odd and having so many diverse interest, but a balance in my insanity must exist, all things in moderation.



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