Scarlet Blaze, the sacred flame

There once was a clan of people in the kingdom of Harmony, the clan’s name was Blaze.  The great Blaze family lived with royal blood as rich as that of the Storm family, they never ruled over the kingdom, but they never needed to, they may not have been royal but they were always regal.  Their family pride and their immense wealth kept them isolated from the common folk to an extent, though it wasn’t at all a bad thing as the common needed little from them.  They lived in the lap of luxury for almost the entire length of the kingdom, until the day of the great blood bath.  It was believed to have been committed by Crimson as bright red blood was spewed across the land creating odd images and strange written messages in odd languages.  Even a dead dragon meant to be their guardian, as drained of blood as the Blaze’s, all of them dead, save for Scarlet.  Scarlet was a young girl around the age of Seventeen at the time of the attack, she saw the face of her killer, dressed in a red cloak that seemed to glow in the dim light of the half moon.  She escaped using a strange brand of magic she had been perfecting for years, in which she twists both light and darkness into pure chaos that builds up over time to explode forth at her command.   This force caught her attacker off gaurd and he uttered a single sentence in response. ” You have the light I seek, I know it.” But Scarlet Blaze was much too fast and ran off to hide within the caves.  A week later a strange boy appeared to greet her.   “Hello, I am Project Echoshadow, I’ve come to save you from the dangers that chase you, apparently you’re under surveillance and wee need to extract you from the kingdom or something.”  She didn’t believe him and refused to go with him, so naturally he ignored her and dragged her outside, that was when she saw it.  Her home, the great Blaze estate in ruins, it had been to dark to tell when she escaped but she instantly knew it wasn’t her attacker that demolished the place, it was herself.  A single tear rolled down her cheek and she said, “Take me away, I never want to see these ruins again.” They left without a word making quick movement to the southern desert.  After about six miles of walking as the sun began to set Echoshadow looked for a place for them to set up camp for the night as they were far from any village.   “So why are you even here, Mr.”  Scarlet said while watching Echoshadow set up a tent.   “I was sent secret assignment from the queen to hide you away from the nation, taking you to the dusty plateau I’ve got a friend there, just call me echo.” Scarlet smirked “I’ve got a better plan, we hunt  down the beast and I slay him, you can help.” She said while creating fireballs that floated around her,  “Oh good, you can light the camp fire, do that then get ready  to sleep, you humans sleep right?”
“Why not let me kill him?”  Scarlet demanded over her breakfast the next morning.  “I already promised my elder brother Soundspirit he could destroy Crimson and I’m pretty sure it’s Crimson that attacked, so unless you have evidence otherwise I fall back on my initial orders of escorting you to safety.”  Echoshadow retorted without a hint of emotion.   “You’re just stupid I can prove it wasn’t him, how did you not notice it was all the wrong colour?”  She yelled angrily.  The look of confusion that spread accross echoshadow’s face instantly made Scarlet laugh so hard she fell over which was the first time she had felt any joy since the incident, but of course her actions only served to confuse him more.  “I don’t understand, it was red, are my eyes wrong today?”  he responded actually poking his eyes, they flashed green for a moment as he did so.   “Scarlet, all jokes asside, my family, we have dark blood, it’s as if someone actually took that darkness from our blood, though not sure why anyone would do that.”  Just then Project Echoshadow realized exactly what happened and who was behind it, but then something deep within his mind clicked, and the thought was gone.  He had been made with safetey precausions to stop him from betraying his country so he wasn’t even aloud to think of harming the king or the entire train to thought is gone. “Where were we again?” He said suddenly without any clue what he had previously been doing.  “I like you, you’re funny, you were going to lead me to the castle for a word with the king and queen”  Scarlet said with a sweet smile.  Echoshadow stared blankely at her, before nodding and packing his tent.



As a madman, I find what I enjoy most in a videogame is the ability to come up with random conspiracy theories about them, like the pokéwar from red and blue or freeze star from kirby64 being earth post nuclear war.  The point being it adds more depth sometimes to leave things unexplained then to simply tell us everything.  I’d love to be able to carry that feeling over into my writing, the feeling that the worlds have more to explore.

Also videogames, which ones do you enjoy and why?


Prologue to a whisper: the lantern and the watchdog

the sounds of his footsteps echoed through the halls as he rushed about, trying not to be noticed despite the noise.  He knew there wasn’t much time left, but he would fix that,  finally he thought as he reached the center of the labyrinth.  Reaching into his bag he quickly produced the extra fuel for the great lantern,  a sigh of relief was the only noise he made as he used precision to add to the great light.  The world was safe for another ten years.