the lonely man

There once was a man of heigh stature, he had the respect of even the king. The man enjoyed his life and was happy, at least during his days, but as the sun began to set and he slowed down strange thoughts would creep into the shadowy corners of his mind.  An intense loneliness that echoed through his very soul, until the next day when he would amuse himself with the company of good friends and the tasks of daily life anything to stop him from thinking about the emptiness at his core.  One night in the midst of his despair as thunder raged angrily across the autumn sky he heard a whisper.  A voice he didn’t recognize telling him one thing “I am now here.” The voice repeated this mantra almost inaudibly for what felt like hours, at first it was disturbing but then he found it rather soothing. And just like that he became possed by the demon.



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