how to deal with writer’s block

   The scourge of every writer’s existence, it stops that wonderful flow every single writer longs for, halting progress often without reason or rhyme.  So what to do when this happens to you?   Many methods exist to deal with this issue, from waiting patiently by your paper (not recommended) to writing writer’s block repeatedly until it’s gone, but as for me myself personally, I prefer to go on an adventure.   Real life makes great inspiration, nothing like just having a good time and forgetting my worries to help cure what ailes me.  I wish I could say this will work for anyone but that would be a lie it might make things worse writing is very personal the act of pouring life into ink with small squiggles is unique to each of us. Good luck to any suffering this dreadful affliction.



2 thoughts on “how to deal with writer’s block

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    • I don’t think you posted this comment correctly as it appears you’ve posted a link to my work on more of my work. I may justbe reading it wrong over my phone, that happens sometimes.

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