why do we write?

     This isn’t about inspiration, which is always an interesting subject, what I’d like to hear is why you write, if you’re a write there is a story as to how you became one mine goes as follows:
      When I was a youth probably between four and six years of age I would dream of an adventure or six hundred, when I played pretend I based it off these dreams of fantasy and occasionally scifi though they were rare for my young mind.  I loved it so. These flights of fancy filled my head at night and just as are language and culture is influenced by legends like Zeus and Perseus I was influenced by the tale of Alex the werewolf, so naturally I didn’t make sense with those random references so I took to explaining myself rather longwindedly, so much so that at one point my mother suggested I write a book instead of all the yapping, and I started the next day.
I’ve been a writer ever since.
why do you write?



3 thoughts on “why do we write?

  1. I write because, ever since I was about 11 years old, something in my mind told me that I could. Whether it was a dream, or just a random impulse, whatever it was. I started writing on my dad’s computer and it took me a while to actually get my skills up to where I could do correct grammar, spelling, etc. So, I was working on my first story on and off, and I finally forgot about it about two years ago, and I was getting things off of his computer so I could put it on mine, when I discovered my old story I was working on. I transferred it to my laptop now, and I’ve never stopped looking at it, because I want to try and write more some day. Of course over time I have gone to other stories and thrown some ideas away, because I lost hope in those, but I have not gotten rid of the first one I ever wrote, it’s half a sentimentality thing, half a thought that I can actually make something of it. I only have one other story I believe that I can make into a full book, and I’m in the process of going in a sort of new direction of that one. I have several short stories and over 100 poems, but I’m still even to this day evolving my story writing skills.

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