Circus speech


bang blam, other sounds for explosions. All to get your attention, step right up the circus is in town, now with fire works. What a splendid treat children of all ages, step right into this perfectly safe tent, where there are many explosions, none more dangerous then the blowing minds you’ll all soon feel, Mwahahahaha!!!

I assure you we’ve got a wonderful array of exotic beast at our disposal, from ancient lands all over, oh and all the modern marvels we have, quite honestly we’ve brought out all the bells and whistles for tonight’s performance, there’s even been talk of the great Gorgo coming out of retirement, you’ll just have to wait and see now won’t you. hehehehhehe. First up will be the mysterious Merlinieous, the magitican with the dark heart and strange glowing eyes, followed by the twins, doing whatever acrobatic mayhem they want, honestly I’ve just about given up on trying to control them, then I’ll show off my great abilities with a few of those aforementioned beasties. A wonderful line up indeed, it doesn’t stop there, no no no, you’ll soon learn this performance isn’t like those before, step into the tent and be entertained, for eternity. Mwahahahahaa



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