how I spend my time when not writing

  Have you ever wondered what life on other planets is like?  I assume it would be so vastly different from our own we can scarify comprehend it sentient life forms made entirely of gas floating in nebulas discussing politics.   Robotic life in the charred remains of the once great civilization that crafted them worshiping this past as this now extinct were there gods.  Such is life.
I spend way too much time contemplating these and other possibilities such as, how many legs are more common to arise in other sentient life forms?  While most animal life has six we most often think of beings with four when we think of animals and as the self proclaimed smartest animals we have two, so is less legs better or coincidental, maybe it takes more intelligence to operate on less legs due to lack of stability.  You trip way now often than a fly that can walk on a ceiling so it must have more stability, so unstable things are intelligent.  Thus I’m one of the smartest men alive due to my own insanity!  Well maybe not smartest but my insanity does make me think about stuff like this so it must be factor in my intellect.



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