Song Sung Wrong

is it really off key
if it’s from me
you know I can’t sing
this isn’t my thing
but it’s from the heart
so is it still art
is it still art
is it still arrrt

you know I’d love to sing it away
no more pain today
but it never sounds right
I try with all my might
but this song is always sung wrong
if only I had someone to sing along
this comes from the heart
but it isn’t art
oh it isn’t art
it just isn’t arrrrrt

I wish with all my soul
for you to make me whole
but here I am all alone
always on my own
humming this song
knowing it’s sung wrong
but it is art
it’s still art
because it’s from the heart


2 thoughts on “Song Sung Wrong

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    • Interestingly enough I think the reverse is true of this one, though definitely not my best work, it’s no smile like a duck but I still find it fun to wail incoherently.

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