Crimson, the blood soaked reaper

There once was a castle on a mountain, made with so many stained glass windows it refracted the sun casting constant rainbows across the valley below.  This place was known as Harmony castle because the ruler who lived their was said to keep the world in balance, fighting chaos with mystic forces older than the earth itself.  People flocked from miles away to live beneath this estate and be bathed in their multi coloured light.  The valley became known as rainbow valley, for the obvious reason.  A great nation was formed from this with the castle and valley as a symbol to not only the people of that nation, but to all people in the world because it was a kingdom formed of magic and curiosity not war and bloodshed.  Very few wars ever came up for the people of this nation but when they did the people would call upon ancient beasts in the form of cloaked men to vanquish their enemies, the reapers.  These beings faded away after the wars, with the sole exception of the red one.  At first he looked like all the others dressed in black no one is sure how he changed, the common theory is instead of removing his victims’ soul he drained them of blood, but as he did so it began to strain his black cloak a deep rich red.  He became known as Crimson the blood soaked reaper and when the kingdom lost control of him they decided to never again summon the reapers.  leaving Crimson alone, eternally separated from his brethren.  If he felt any loneliness he hid it well, the only emotion he seemed to have is bloodlust, making actual paintings out of blood next to once populated villages, though the mystical lights in rainbow valley prevented him from entering that sacred place he redecorated much of the countryside in his hue of choice.  He was a being feared by many which was enough for him, one day he left that kingdom to torture the people of other lands, though none can say his motives.  He was the second biggest threat that kingdom ever faced but soundspirit is a story for another day.



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