In the end: Part 1

As the sun rose above the mountain tops the sweet smell of the flower shop next door wafted in waking Susan from her rest she couldn’t help but smile as the sweet scents mixed with the aromas of her Fiance’s cooking.  Life was great.  The smile changed quickly to an expression of shock and awe as she stared in wonder at the beauty of the early morning sun. She rushed down the stairs happily and slipped nearly hitting her head, in that brief moment of free fall her fabulous life flashed before her eyes with a smile she recovered and continued to the kitchen where the love of her life was serving her a plate of chocolate chip pancakes. “You’re up early,” he said struggling to hold back a smile, the same way he always did when she walked into a room.  “It’s a beautiful day I want to spend all of it with you.” She replied hugging him tightly not wanting to let go “Same way I feel everyday.” He replied giving up on hiding the smile.  they ate in joy laughing about the day ahead.  They left the house in bliss entering their old car to head to the store to pick out a cake for the upcoming wedding.  It had been raining the night before, the roads were slippery, but more importantly, some college kids had been out drinking.   They stayed out so late the night before that as they tried to drive home on that beautiful morning, their driver was still drunk.


It was over almost before it began, she awoke in the car after five minutes of unconsciousness she knew before she turned to see the passenger seat, but she couldn’t help it, she had to see with her own eyes.  Her happily ever after was stolen from her, and she was powerless once more.


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