Project Echoshadow

“The experiment was a failure, no heartbeat no bodyheat, no neural activity, no vitals of any kind.  This body might as well be goop” the young scientist said frustrated at everything going on in Crowstorm labs since project Soundspirit was a success.  “calm down, these things take time” His assistant said in her most soothing of voices.  He angrily stormed out of the small lab knocking over a table, and then the body in question turned to goop.
As is often the case with important discoveries it went unnoticed at first.  And as is less common though not unheard of at all the assistant was the first to notice things had changed, but that was hours later.   By which time said goop reformed and interrogated his
older brother.  While one room full of labcoats lamented the loss of Dr.Storm the newly formed Echoshadow was stalking his prey.
Soundspirit was aware that attempts to surpass him had been taken with increased fever of late though he deemed this inconsequential as he was perfection the thought of a being who could rival him in the art of war was laughable.  He actually found himself chuckling at the thought. “Interesting, the files said no signs of emotion aides from bloodlust yet I don’t think that was your amusement just now.”  a strange voice echoed from behind him, when he turned he saw nothing but his own shadow.   “Who dares enter my lair”  “Ew, you actually called it a lair!” the voice responded seemingly coming from everywhere at once.  “Reveal yourself vile beast”  “So bloodlust is like code for anger management?  They wouldn’t even need me if you could just calm down long enough for them to realize you’re not the one doing the killing, but alas you’ve no time for such trivial things as innocence you were crafted for war and by jolly that’s what you’ll get.”   “Did you seriously just say by jolly?” And with that the two began to laugh.  The scientists who only just located the new life form, charged in to separate the two experiments unwilling to see if they bonded or were moments away from killing each other.

Thus Project Echoshadow was born.




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