Project Soundspirit, the ultimate warrior

After the kingdom stopped using reapers to fight wars they began to be seen as weak by the outside world many new threats emerged.  From foolish trolls to wise dragons and even the nation in the southern desert, it was a desperate time.  So the king at the time Black Storm, enlisted the help of alchemist, scientists, and any form of magic weilder he could find to defend his people.   The nation stood the test of time but was never strong enough to be feared as they were with the reapers, so wars became more common.  This went on for centuries, promotion innovations in the at of war. This is the story of one such innovation gone wrong.
Around a thousand years after Crimson fled there was a man distantly related to the crown, a scientist who detested magic with a passion, for reasons he kept to himself. Most believed it was related to the rather sizable scar across his left eye, they were correct but more on that in the tale of royalty. His name was Crow Storm. Dr.Storm refused to believe magic was needed to create a true warrior and began genetic experiments to create his prefect warrior. With constant funding directly from his distant cousin the then king Blue Storm, or Dark Storm as he was calling himself since the latest self experiment, Dr.Crow was able to create a state of the art facility for his experiment with the brightest minds the nation had to offer. Decades of work countless failed projects and then a being genetically code from scratch with the shape of a human but an internal structure vastly different, a being more than bred for war, Project Soundspirit. The fear began as soon as he was formed but grew as he developed and displayed increasingly more and more delight in suffering and no concern for the safety of those around him. Several documents would be found dead with no evidence but only one suspect the war machine of a boy.
It was quickly proposed that a being capable of stoping him should he decide to disobey the kingdom be crafted. “Impossible he’s perfect” shouted Dr.Crow “Not if we add magic” protested a young ambitious scientist, the look on the head doctor’s face was terrifying if they hadn’t already feared for their lives they would back down. “No one is proposing anything to drastic just something to be a diversion for him should he get bored of servitude, maybe we could use that black vial you keep in your office, we ask know it’s royal blood.” another scientist chirped fearfully. “Such a creation would be a mere shadow of my warrior’s glory adding royal blood makes it even worse, fine do as you wish I’m done with you, my project soundspirit was a beautiful melody and this thing will be a mere echo!” the Crow Storm matched out never to be heard again.



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