Water Arrow, the cursed queen

From birth Water Arrow was trained to be a scholar, a historian to be precise it was her destiny (according to her, father Dream Arrow) to recover the secret of the sacred light a mythical power all but lost.  She had been taught all manner of ancient languages and odd incantations by the age of ten her intellect could rival anyone in the land, but the thing she wanted most was not to become a historian or solve mysteries, she dreamed of singing in front of millions, singing songs so touching, lives would change and wars would end. She almost got her dream when at fourteen she was selected to be the one who would one day marry the young prince Blue Storm, she and him fell in love almost instantly so quickly it seemed rather like magic. Once he became king and they married although she was freed from her father’s dream she began to realize something was off. It started with an occasional question about some
old riddle or some strange prophecy, she began to suspect something was wrong with him, frequently he would leave in the middle of the night to “investigate” something new, deep down she always knew what it really was but out of shame she hid this in case she was wrong and it was an affair, so she sought to find proof of his actions before confronting him. She knew it wasn’t an affair but she almost wished it were.
She assisted Crow Storm in getting a reeducation after a “hunting accident” at mount silver in return for a single clue, the Blaze clan was also of royal blog and if they vanish like most of the Storm clan did then she would have only one suspect left. despite all of this she couldn’t bring herself to do what was right for her country, she loved Blue Storm, even if he had been calling himself Dark Storm for the past decade. Memories of love and younger days crowded her judgement.
She no longer sang of happiness she sang songs of sorrow, then slowly but surely she found herself without the time to sing. At some point she began arising Dark Storm with the reads of running the country while he was out “researching”. Which far too quickly became all the time.   She even found herself meeting up with the new secret weapons Soundspirit and Echoshadow, when this happened she saw an oportunity to ask for help.  Her corrupted husband had asked one of them to track down a member of the Blaze clan as some of them were showing up dead with their blood removed, the old threat crimson was blamed.  She implored this being crafted of science to protect the last of the royal blood to which she recieved an odd answer, “I have that royal blood stuff, yeah they made me with a jar of it Dr.Crow Storm stole from the king once, but don’t tell anyone.”  an odd secret to be sure but she instantly knew what it meant and knew how to use it.   She confronted her husband about this and he brushed her off and fled into the night as if eager to get somewhere.
From then on he was insatiable, the true definition of madness.  Always talking to people who weren’t there, speaking to statues of dead kings, and begging her to help him find the sacred light, when she resisted he tied her up and used her in an experiment.   She awoke battered and bruised, she looked around and realized she was on top of Mount Silver, she opened her mouth to speak and things began catching fire, she couldn’t control it asides from keeping her lips sealed, she could never sing again.  She had enough.  She banished Dark Storm to the realm of the reapers where he could find out if he was immortal on his own away from anyone else he could harm ever again.  She ruled the land as the cursed queen for half a decade until a new threat emerged, the greatest threat that kingdom would ever face.


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