Ballad of the Echoshadow

I’m a plague upon this world
In the best kind of way
I spread faster than the wind
and I’ve been up to no good today
I am a viruses infecting the world
and there is no cure
I’ll get into your head
you’ll never again be pure
I am the echoes that follow
I’m a the shadow you fear at night
I am the worst of your nightmares
I am the cause of so much fright
I am so vile and savage
I do as I please I’ll cut you down to size
Ripping off your knees
you think you know what makes me tick?
well I’ve got news
I’ll make you sick
I am a virus
I am a plague
the only cure is very vague
give me your best shot
give it your all
just try to stop me I’ll watch you fall
don’t give up I’m having fun
oh please don’t tell me that you’re done



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