Red Stone, the original glass master

Elemental magic was always  regarded as weaker than that of light and dark though both were rather difficult to master and many speculated if you put that much effort into anything it would be amazing, only one man sought to test this theory.  Red Stone was a man who knew what he wanted from life, it want fame or immortality, he just wanted to make something he could be proud of.  So he moved to the dusty plateau and began pricing stone, wrong and flame based magic, with the modest goal of simply making great glassware.  And he did.  He lived a long life perfecting his craft, after a few decades he began selling his glassware, though this soon halted as he decided he no longer needed material goods save for glass. Red Stone erected a castle made of glass to live in and was happy, until the day Crow Storm arrived.   He approched in silence wordlessly explaining the world was in ruins.  Without speaking a word Red Stone knew what Crow wanted and gathered sand to create a crystal ball for his old friend.  “When this is gone I wish for you to leave, just as you’re done with magic I am done with Harmony.” Red Stone explained as the flames melted sand into a molten mess for him to manipulate.  Crow nodded slowly and pointed towards the desert.  “So you still think you might be immortal, I suppose no better way to spend it than lost in the sand watching down upon the world.”  He said while shaping the glass and cooling it with wind spells.  Red Stone handed over the perfected orb, imbued with mystical properties and then turned away to signal for Crow Storm to leave, a signal he understood and obeyed willingly.   “Blood shed follows your clan, I’m sorry Crow, but I have enough problems with a king of my own, I can’t invite yours too.”  But it was too late, Crow Storm was already gone, deeper into the desert than the plateau, so far into the heat that he might as well burn.

A short time later Red Stone received a message from the demon king of the desert, the great and powerful Nal Grow.  Nal Grow wanted to check the glass castle for the existence of a fugitive by the name of Rod Lightning and would be arriving shortly.  Dread filled Red stone, as he remembered the last time Nal visited, the sand demon had very little self restraint and destroyed the entire castle, and worse yet there was always the chance Nal would decided to count him as a fugitive to and slay him on the spot.  Using another Crystal ball, Red sought out anyone who could help, he found a strange being which seemed almost like a shape shifter, but not quite.   He sent a single message to this being, “come to the desert, save the palace of glass.”   The being  did as asked and quickly came to his aid.   “Hello, I am Project Echoshadow, I was created to be the ultimate guardian, why am I here?”   Red Stone explained the situation by pointing further south to a giant sand storm coming their way.
The being agreed to stay with Red and help in anyway he could. And then the demon king arrived. “Hello mortal, have you collected memories for me to devour?”  “You know I’m not a collector of yours,”  Red said with a grim look evident on his face.  “what exactly is a demon anyways?” Asked the strange being emerging from his hiding place early.  The demon king saw this beast and instantly tried to vanquish it only to be sought down by a strange light that emerged from the being’s hand.   “I’m a very curious guy, would you mind if I tried to see what makes you tick?”  The being continued his voice sounding more serious than before.


4 thoughts on “Red Stone, the original glass master

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