Crow Storm, the antimagic wielder

With the scientists who worked for him planning to use up his hidden vial of black blood he felt he no longer had a need to be there, the only reason he stayed there was because that was where the voices were quietest and he needed to hide the blood from Dark Storm, with the temptation of the blood gone he was free, or so he thought.  Crow Storm vowed to remain silent for the remainder of his existence, and set off towards the great plateau, to see the glass master about a crystal ball.  He trekked into the desert for miles, in search of a quiet spot to rest for eternity. After his visit with Red Done he found himself caught up in a huge sand storm, when he awoke he was imprisoned. Chained and bound, worse than that, the demon king of the desert stood before him with a sinister smile and several scars. “Usually I’m kind enough to ask permission before taking memories to feed but I’m in a bit of a quick sand pit here, I’m honestly sorry.” the demon said, then the worlds faded to darkness.
He awoke in a stone tower by the oasis, the odd thing was, he still has all of his memories, he quickly thought and realized his memory had improved everything was much clearer and he could remember every second of his life all the way back to striping six or seven days after his birth. A spirit appeared before him, “I restored your mind it has been six long years, the time has come for someone to fight against magic, this tower has all the tools you need to make your equipment.” Still under his self enforced vow he says nothing but his face exposed his only question ‘ who are you’ to which the spirit replied, “Just like you I was altered against my will by arcane forces, I was once human now I’m just a shadow floating a long, you may call me shade.” Crow smiled and set to work funding he did on fact have everything he needed to create all kind of machines and weapons which he did, Crow Storm was ready for war, then he heard a familiar voice. “Old man I need done sport of transportation, I drew up designs for it just need a few parts.” He looked to confirm that it was his greatest creation, he happily have Project Soundspirit whatever he needed. two weeks of hard work and Crow Storm and Shade were finished, an army of machines capable of tearing the magical world asunder, and finally silence the constant screaming in Crow Storm’s head, which only seemed to be getting louder. The time has come to stand and fight Crow Storm, the time had come to show the worlds exactly what you can do, to take back what is yours and strike down magic forever!” Shade yelled. Crow Storm nosed and loaded the cannons.


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