To those who think video games aren’t art

Click this link (pun intended) to go on a magical adventure of self discovery in the familiar land of Hyrule,  it details the intricacies of the legends and showcases reuccring themes one might miss on their first play through, deeper messages that ressonate with a few of the gamers, but not all.  When non-gamers think of video games they tend to focus on call of dutty or angry birds because that’s just what they’re exposed to the most, but if you have a chance to see more than that you’ll find some video games go so far as to question the ethics of common gaming mechanics like the violence leaving you the player with the choice to kill or not, like in one of the metal gear games, where one of the boss battles takes longer the more enemies you’ve killed.  The linked article however focuses more on what it means to grow up, and how the LoZ series has actually been dealing with this issue.  Other notable games worthy of high art include classics like Earthbound and Chrono Trigger.  One site claimed Chrono Trigger is a thinly veiled metaphor of the bible, and made valid arguments to support that theory.  That is what makes them art, the fact that you can interact with the game and come away with different experiences, it’s not all killing and blood, much like how film can be art but most movies aren’t the same can be said of videogames.

Three yellow triangles, forming the first subd...

Three yellow triangles, forming the first subdivision in the construction of a Sierpinski triangle. Nintendo has used this image, under the name “Triforce”, to represent The Legend of Zelda video games. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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