Project Soundspirit, The war within

Soundspirit stared at the ceiling wondering why they were such fools, they crafted him not to need sleep then gave him a curfew. He understood their reasoning but it was always such a core to await the sunrise each night. “Wake up weirdo” an all too familiar voice echoed. “Don’t be an idiot you know I cant sleep.” Project Echoshadow appeared before him with a look of excitement, “Did you hear the reports? Apparently he’s been spotted just half a kilometer away!” Echoshadow said in a rushed voice full of excitement. “Who could be worth getting excited over?” “Crimson” Echoshadow responded with glee. Project Soundspirit smirked, “You mean I might get a chance at some real fun and they won’t get upset?” Echoshadow merely nodded. Project Echoshadow opened the cell for Soundspirit.  They marched in silence to the entrance of the secret facility that housed them, creeping past the guards with ease both being being crafted for stealth.
“This will be a fun night, make sure you stand back and just watch, I don’t want you interfering with this tonight.”  Soundspirit said with a devilish smirk.  Echoshadow nodded while his face began to contort.  “That stench, that stench, what is that?”  Echoshadow complained.  “Blood of course, he’s close.” Soundspirit responded.  Just then a portal appeared.  “your adventure sounds great but I think I’ll go with investigating the random portal, you can handle this stinky one on your own right?” Echoshadow said the instant he noticed it.  “Be careful, I’ll tell you about this later.”  Soundspirit said while stretching.  “Careful, I’m at least the third strongest being in existence, with you two distracted by each other, I’m invincible!”  Echoshadow said in a booming voice that echoed from everywhere but echoshadow himself.  “Sometimes I forget we’re related, but then you do or say something like that and I have hope in you.  Just get back here by sunrise to lock the cage for me.”  Soundspirit said as he marched on into battle.

A strange darkness descended upon the land, as if all the life had been sucked out of the world, in any normal person this would cause fear, but Project Soundspirit had only one fear, and tonight he wouldn’t have to face it.  “I’ve found you at last, warrior”  Spoke the strange shadowy voice emanating from the coming darkness.   “The time has come for you to die.” Project Soundspirit said with absolute confidence.  Then he appeared, a deep red cloak and a red scythe, no visible face no visible features of any kind.  “No, the time has come to stand and fight!”  Retorted the beast while it tossed to him a pitch black sword.  “I wasn’t aware you could talk or give out weapons.” Soundspirit said feeling confused.    “That’s because I’ve never let anyone live to tell of my voice before, and that weapon is an offering to show that I do in fact understand that you have power.” Crimson said as his form seemed to fade into existence under the cloak.  And with that the battle began.   Both of them moved with incredible speed.   Soundspirit found the blade gifted to him swung through the air perfectly, and he decided to keep it, then he sliced through Crimson.  “You face the ultimate warrior there is nothing you can do.”  Soundspirit yelled victoriously.  Then crimson vanished for an instant only to reappear behind Soundspirit.  “Watch this!”  His cloak appeared darker and suddenly blood was everywhere, it formed daggers and flew towards Soundspirit with such speed it seemed impossible for anyone to survive.   Project Soundspirit parried the projectiles with the black blade easily.  “You’ve done well, I think I won’t mind dying to you some day, but not now.” Crimson said, and then he vanished.
Soundspirit returned to his cell, the fight had lasted at least an hour, then the portal opened up next to him and his younger brother appeared.  “I had the most amazing adventure ever you just have to hear it.”  Echoshadow said with a huge smile.  “Not true, I’m telling my story first.” Soundspirit replied with a smile of his own.


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