By-product Hive Mind, the third brother

What is at the bottom of things is often a topic of great consequence, many claim to wish to get to the bottom of things but all of them fall short even the ones who are sighted as successful.  Perhaps saying ‘it’s turtles all the way down’ isn’t such a bad plan after all.  For example when one looks at mount silver one might guess nothing is beneath it, in reality something is, a secret lab, but of course this isn’t the bottom of things either, one rung further down the ladder is a deep dark pit filled with every manner of neural toxin and several kinds of nuclear radiation, the waste lands.  Regulations on secret testing facilities was rather relaxed to say the least, in that they didn’t exist.  In order to remain hidden they couldn’t use proper waste removal techniques like actually getting rid of the stuff so they dumped it down a hole.  By the time Project Soundspirit was finished and starting to interact with the scientist, thousands of loves were popping in and out of existence in the world below, on rare occasion one would part longer than a few seconds and would syenite to crawl out if the hole, very few made it but those that did soon melted and stored back down into the pit, they went unnoticed.  Three scientist died by the hands of these unstable beings and it scared the rest though they assumed it was done by the super soldier they made and not mysterious underworlders.  Thus the scientists crafted a guardian using magic, which meant of course that arcane wastewas sent into the toxic mix, the final spark needed to create one of the smartest brings the world would ever know.
He awoke within the stench of the strange dark place, he detested it instantly.  He was vaguely aware of life starting and stoping ask around him so he refined himself to his fate, waiting patiently for his end to come. After six months of that he decided he was stable all the other lives layers momentarily, very brief beings, he deemed them lesser beings because of this.  Then he wondered if he could move, he found quickly he could not, this made him sad.  “Mobility is denied to me and these memories belong to another they are of a world I shall never behold with eyes of my own.”  The life form lamented aloud.   That was when he realized the lesser lives that could move stored when he spoke as if his words controlled them he missed to himself he could take this a step further and will them with mere thought, and so he began experimenting with his abilities.  After approximately six more months he was the master of his domain about to control hundreds of lesser loves and even stabilize them in a more gooey form so he could….
What would he do?  In ask his time living he never once found a goal a reason to move on ask he had been doing was experimenting and learning, ask he wanted was to learn more.  So he decided he would learn more using the slimes as his eyes he would learn about the worlds above and find a way to move himself from the stench of his pit.
The slimes  killed a scientist that night to see how far he could stretch, when they found him the others blamed Soundspirit demanding something be done, he even had some strange new sword which speared over night.  They would have attempted to terminate him right then had the kong not bathed in for a surprise inspection with the demon long of the desert, discussing the secret weston and acts of way, asl very distracting. Even still they all knew something had to be done and soon.



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