Nal Grow, life to the lifeless

Once upon a time the world was watched over by guardian animals, one of which was a phoenix unlike any other, a bird that left behind a multi coloured flame.  They called it the bird of the sacred flame, because they were so clearly adept at creative names.  This rainbow phoenix is said to have been the inspiration behind castle harmony, though this has never been confirmed.  The bird watched over the desert, living there bringing life to the dead place, it could restore life to anything breaking the boundaries of death was as easy as taking flight or bursting into a pink flame.  The people of the desert accepted the harshness of life in the desert with glee, because if their crops dried out or their child became poisoned by a scorpion or snake, there he was to save the day.  And then he wasn’t.
It goes without saying the people were more than a little distraught, but the exact depend of their internal torment is rather difficult to calculate.  Feeding themselves became closer and closer to impossible with each passing year, the king of the desert, Red Lightning did everything he could to help his purple but in the end it was to no avail, the people of the desert were desperate to the point of denouncing the sacred bird and life itself they began looking into the dark arts when a mysterious stranger began appearing in the many towns and offering that all of them move to thee capital promising something good would happen.  Once they all got there he began summoning a demon.upon arrival it consumed ten men then it began to speak.  “I am Nal Grow, I shall rule over you my darkness shall new a shade from the harsh sun and ethic city shall be an oasis, and I ask not for your souls as most of my kind do, I ask for your dead and your memories.” The demon said with a grin while making a pool of water appear.  desperation forced a resounding yes, it was all but unanimous and the Lightning family was to be chased down and killed.
Ten years later Nal received an anonymous to that Red Done was hiding a king, within his glass.  He sent word via one of his desert hounds and then set sail for the Dusty Plateau.   He had alchemist create for him a ship capable of sailing on the sand as if it were the sea, he enjoyed every single liberty afforded to him as the king of a great nation.  Nal Grow was there within moments and the huge dust storm left in his wake had barely fallen as he began to speak. “Hello mortal, have you collected memories for me to devour?”  “You know I’m not a collector of yours,”  Red said with a grim look evident on his face.  “what exactly is a demon anyways?” Asked a strange dark form emerging from the shadow of Red Stone.  The demon king saw this beast and instantly tried to crush it beneath the sand, only to be struck down by a strange light that emerged from the being’s hand.   “I’m a very curious guy, would you mind if I tried to see what makes you tick?”  The being said in a serious tone.  Nal shook off this light easily and began using his control over the sand to sink the being.  “I don’t know you but the time has come for you to die. ”  Nal shouted feeling victorious.    “The moon is so beautiful, did you know I’ve yet to see a sunrise, I guess some day I shall.”  The being responded seemingly ignoring the fact that he was sinking fast into the depths of his destruction.  Then the shadow of the being grew and began engulfing Nal sinking him into the depths of darkness.  “Some day I’ll be free, for now I don’t much mind the dangers of fighting demons and protecting glass, I’m a genetically engineered life form I was created to stop powerful things from hurting weak things.”  The being continued as if finally becoming aware of the fight.  They both began to sink into what looked like doom.   “Let me go and I’ll let you go.” Nal said sensing the being was already at its limit.  “I would love to but I can’t find it in me to trust you with releasing me so no can do.” replied the being cloaked in darkness.   “True enough, but sometimes you can’t rely on trust and reason, you need simply to throw caution to the wind.”  Nal Grow said, with a smirk.  Something changed in the being his green eyes began to glow brighter and he spoke in a voice that echoed from every direction but where he stood, or rather sunk.  “I understand, throw caution to the wind.” Said the shadowy figure as his power over the demon faded, his shadow receding to himself once more.  And then Nal Grow crushed him beneath the sand listening to the sound of bones snap.

The ground darkened and large hand rose from the shadow that was the world around Nal Grow.  “Darkness comes for you!” Spoke a powerful voice.   The hands were bigger than The glass castle itself, they grabbed Nal grow and crushed him sharp nails slicing at his skin, then just as soon as this began it ended.   Nal Grow found himself laying down gasping for air, never had he felt such power, before him stood the being, with a smile it looked down upon him.   “Never tell me to throw caution to the wind again, I must always be careful or someone might get hurt.” he said while reaching out a hand.  “What are you?” Said Nal Grow as he got up by himself out of pride.  “Secret weapon of harmony.” The being replied while looking at Red Stone awaiting something.    Nal Grow left, defeated and deflated, he went strait to Harmony castle to demand king Dark storm show him all secret weapons.




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