Project Soundspirit, the mission

Made for war but used instead to catch am ancient criminal, he found his ability to track rather boring.  Not that it mattered, this job was from the king, and the criminal in question was Crimson, someone he desperately wanted to kill. “If it wasn’t for the king you would have been scraped today.” Commented an over weight scientist that Soundspirit had been seeing a lot of at that time. ‘ Maybe he’s been punished with looking after me’ he thought to himself while ignoring the man’s latest attempt at idle chit chat.  “if it makes you feel any better I don’t think you’re the one killing the scientists.” he said confidently.  “Two things, one I don’t care two, you’re distracting me from my work, just stand silently and record any abnormalities in my behaviour, you’re an observational scientist today, that is your mission and we must always, do our missions. Understood?”  Soundspirit said like an army general actually causing the man to salute and belch out a “Yes sir” before realizing who he was speaking to.

“What happened to the watch dog I could actually stand, even if he was locked in a box everytime.” Project Soundspirit remarked while following the scent of blood he picked up once the winds shifted.  “I’m not supposed to say, but he’s on some secret assignment from the queen herself.” Soundspirit was shocked, but ignored this news as he came across a town coated in red.  “Another one to report, he’s getting closer to the border every single day, why hasn’t he just stepped over the river.” the scientist said making notes for his report later that night.  “he will soon, it’s rather obvious he’s looking for away round the river, heading further and further up stream, towards…” Sounspirit stopped talking and pointed to mount gray, his home.  “I think we should return now, you can file your paper work early and leave for an early vacation by sunset.”  Soundspirit said in his first attempt at being nice to the man who clearly believed in him despite all the evidence to the contrary.  The scientist merely nodded and they rushed to the hover craft eager to prepare for the night’s activities.



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