Dragon’s day special

An exert from one of my books, Snake Bite
Because it’s a section about dragons, enjoy



Alex reached into his bag and pulled out a mask, Sara had seen this mask before, although at first she was not sure where. It quickly became clear that the mask was the one Alex wore when he saved them from the flaming hound at the Fire Temple. Then she began to wonder why she was unable to recognize it at firs. Sara was so lost in thought that she did not even notice when Alex handed her the mask. Sara just suddenly noticed the mask was in her hands and assumed it was placed there by another. In fact Alex did not actually give her the mask he just offered it to her a few times then passed it over to Zack who placed the mask in Sara’s hands. Regardless of the semantics of how, the results were the same Sara had the mask in her hands and she placed it over her face and felt the great magic from within the ancient arcane artifact.
She was instantly able to sense the presence of nearby dragons and she found one that seemed particularly strong and she summoned it to her side with the smallest of efforts. “Why didn’t you give us this when we were in the Earth Temple that first time?” Sara asked as a large blue serpentine dragon appeared by her side. “I actually was looking for it while you guys were over at the Fire Temple and came right over once I had it.” Alex answered with a smile as he got onto the dragon. Fang barked to Alex and the jumped into his bag of tricks. Zack got on and reached out his hand to help Sara get on. Sara without hesitation grabbed his hand and was up in a second. “Nice choice Sara, not too slow, not too fast, and part frost dragon so it can stand greater colds and still light a fire.” Alex said with great gratitude.
Sara was shocked by how easily the dragon was manipulated by magic; she had faced dragons in combat before, and they seemed to have more free will than most of the humans she knew, and yet she felt a rush of power in all of that control; she enjoyed it however she felt bad about enjoying it which only made it all the more pleasurable. Sara laughed as she forced the dragon into the air. She noticed nothing but the fantastic feeling of the fresh cold, and brisk air blowing against her face as she soared over the fields below. Then she noticed that she had been moving north and wondered for just a moment if she was really the one who was in control before testing it by making the dragon stop flapping its huge wings and letting it drop to the ground before allowing it to save itself last minute. “C-C-Can w-we not do that again, please?” Zack asked, in a really shaky voice, making Sara, wondered if Zack was afraid of heights.


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