still in existence

Did you guys miss me?
Well I’m back with another wacky and exciting post.  Lets start with updates!
Currently looking for guest bloggers, because why not.  Currently creating youtube videos, feel fee to suggest old games fire me to play, preferably super nintendo and of low difficulty, as I often fail.  As for ongoing series, my latest segment on the kingdom of harmony has been delayed as I can’t write phrase it right, but out is mostly complete and will most likely be out by sunday, I haven’t done much with my off line books of late so I intend to continue that, and possibly post an excerpt or trip from wolfbite.  In other news being broke and honored is hard work, but I got to go hiking with my friend Karma last sunday, so that was fun.  Anyways that’s what goes on with the madman with a pen, what about you lot?



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