Guest bloggers welcome

I’ve decided since I’ve barely any time to post original content of late, why don’t I ask for help, who wants to yell some nonsense at a small crowd of echo fans. Currently at 50 subscribers, give a comment and I’ll try to work things out with you if you’re at all interested.  No need to be shy I don’t bite.  Well, I won’t bite you.
Try not to have a topic, and I’ll work to figure out the tags and category, I usually make up new ones on the spot.  Feelfreetoberandrandom.  We have tons of space left. (get it?)


8 thoughts on “Guest bloggers welcome

  1. I can’t wait to see what kind of guests you get! I just started blogging last week and am having an absolute blast. So much fun and so many amazing posts to come across!!!

    Nice to meet you! I’d love to have you over at Craplandia!

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