random thing I wrote

see I can still do some creative writing, I haven’t lost my touch look a story has stated randomly, though more of a continuation of past stories, who cares.


The trees whispered as the winds brushed through their branches painting a barely audible melody, the kind of song one often hums but never remembers from whence it came.  Adding to this melody was the serenade of cicadas the world was not silent, yet easily ignorable.  As Jessica chased after her brother she did ignore this beauty, she had always ignored this beauty, which is exactly why she didn’t realize his reasons for running away.  In her mind there were two worlds, the practical world of humans and the chaotic world of nature, and she was no t about to let her brother throw his life away that easily.  The sounds of nature grew louder and louder the further she got from her home, and by the time the moon had risen above the distant hills she knew she was completely lost and that something was closing in on her, she could no longer hear the footsteps of her brother over the song of the woods.  There was only that annoying background noise, and that growling, as if some strange fiend was about to end her suffering.  Part of her welcomed this, not as something she wished for but as the expected outcome of leaving her peaceful home for the woods.  Then he appeared, as if a knight in shining armour.  He was a boy riding a giant wolf, obviously he had been completely swallowed by nature, and yet he still retained some traces of sanity.  Perhaps, she thought to herself, I can use him to get me out of here and with any luck track down my brother too.  “Hello good sir,” she spoke with a grin trying to sound friendly.  “Young girl, you’re in danger we’re being tracked by some scary beasts, Fang here noticed you and a similar scented human in this area, we came to save you from the vampires.”  Jessica was shocked, “No, you must have me mistaken, I don’t get attacked by vampires; I go to the stream to wash clothes and milk cows.”  She said too dumbfounded for anything more intelligible than outright denial.




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