The Art of Editing

Live to Write - Write to Live

As with most of the rest of my life, I have several ways I approach writing. I blog. I write grant proposals. I write fiction, both short and long. I write emails. All the same writer, all different skill sets. In some of these areas, I am comfortable with being my own editor. But with others, particularly those which are going to get some public airing, I need an editor, and a proof reader. And I understand more and more that these are not the same function, nor are they likely the same person.

In my non-fiction life, I need proof readers so that my reader doesn’t get sidetracked by an error that could discredit my work. Are the margins right, font size and type appropriate? How is the grammar? Am I making my point clearly? In these circumstances, I have editors who help me hone my message. Though I…

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