Crimson: the Redemption

After existing for hundreds of years the blood soaked reaper had amassed a rather large casualty list, something he was quite proud of, but the thing people didn’t know about him was that he was ready to stop.  He had been created to protect and he violated that out of a sick obsession, when his morality finally returned he found he still couldn’t restrain himself so he left the kingdom he was crafted to maintain, until rumours began to spread of a small laboratory hidden on a mountain somewhere within the kingdom of Harmony, a lab where they worked on a super solider.  It was then that Crimson decided he should die for his kingdom.  His presence drew out the Creature, his future savior and killer, Project Soundspirit.  when first they met Crimson left with a scar and left behind a weapon he crafted from the blood of ten demons.  Crimson knew the darkness within Soundspirit’s heart all too well, and he feared that the being would end up like him, so he fled the battle early to rethink his strategy, But as he fled a trail of blood began to appear in his wake, no matter where  he went he found the desire to kill too strong, he secluded himself as best he could but kept finding himself faced with the temptation of life.  He tried his best to keep his desires satisfied with lesser creatures such as dragons and pixies but humans were always his preferred pray and he just seemed unable to stop his blood lust.  Project Soundspirit was sent after him, like a good soldier he followed his orders and tracked down Crimson.  they fought again and again each and every time Project Soundspirit appeared to be gaining more strength and speed, as well as learning every single move that Crimson used,  and then Crimson realized exactly what he had to do.  He marched one final time many a life torn asunder in his wake, he marched to the heart of the kingdom through to castle Harmony, and he turned himself in to the queen.  The queen took one look at him and made a face that appeared to be pleading for his help, then she locked him within a small gem which she wore around her neck, its colour changed instantly from blue to red, a rich dark red worthy of a monster like him, and worthy of the queen who wore it, a gem that would save the kingdom.   A gem that meant redemption for the reaper.