Look I figured out how to use my fancy smart phone for. WordPress I can even use links , aren’t I clever? Anyway this will possibly enhance my blogging ability, or destroy what little skill I have. YAY adventure!
So more blog stuff to come shortly these next few days as I gear up for November.

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Dreadful fear failure: the debilitating pre game jitters

With the National Novel Writing Month, and blog posting month a mere three days away, I’m beginning to feel anxious.   As if I’m moments away from cataclysmic failure.  Luckily for you readers, I’ve dealt with this demon before and I’ll share the secret to defeating it today.

Stop caring!   Win or lose, I’m going to have stone fun, and in the end, that’s what really counts.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN, and have a jolly mischief night!

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Names, Naming, AND Nicknames!?!

  Time for a confession of mine, I the madman with a pen, Echoshadow, I am horrible at naming.  Shocking I’m sure, but true nonetheless.  I’ve always had this issue in my writing, should their name be symbolic if something, would that seen unrealistic or add depth to the story?  So many questions, so little time.  I’ve spent weeks on a single name unable to decide, looked deep in thought.   So I’ve decided to ask for help, comment names, six male names four female names.  Please and thank you!

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And If I’m wrong, is that such a crime?

Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Now forget the song, and turn that line into the title or inspiration for your post.

Today I felt too lazy to think up a post, so I used a prompt, isn’t that interesting?
anyways on to the works.

During the writing of my new novel for NaNoWriMo, I shall undoubtedly mess up, a lot. Typos galore, and things so far from logic I wouldn’t even post them here, and I label everything I post here nonsense.  The kind of glaring plot holes that would usually keep me up at night wondering how to keep a certain scene in without poisoning the plot.  (man I’m dramatic today)   The sort of stuff, I shall simply ignore, and why must I ignore them?
Because that is how we grow, there is no choice but to leave them in, I’ll correct them once the work is finished.  Maybe I’ll decided to add them to a possible squeal, maybe they’ll fit somewhere else, but I won’t even care until the entire book is complete.  There’s nothing wrong with being wrong.
Bonus points to anyone who comments the band and song for the post title.

If I went a single day without speaking an untruth, and I don’t mean a lie, then I don’t recall.  I’m wrong all the time, you may end up being wrong less often, but I’m certaintly not wrong in saying you’ve been wrong once or twice, and you’ll do it again at some point.
Such is life.

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Conflict—Giving LIFE to Your Fiction

Kristen Lamb's Blog


Bad decisions make GREAT fiction. I know it’s tough to not write about fully evolved/self-actualized characters, but those guys are B-O-R-I-N-G. We like to watch people grow, probably so we might glean some hint of how to grow, ourselves. The more messed up a character is? The more INTERESTING they become.

Come on! You know it.

If you were at a restaurant and had a choice of where to eavesdrop, would it be the couple talking about their plans for the week as a team baking cookies for the school? Or would it be the nasty breakup on Table 6?

If we don’t have conflict, the story falls flat. Everything comes too easily and that is a formula for a Snooze-Fest. I am SO HUMBLED and honored to be friends with THE LEGEND Les Edgerton. In his mind? NOTHING comes easily. Even if your protagonist just wants directions, she should…

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What’s in a name?

Yesterday I finally managed to name my nanowrmo story, Being the Cutting Edge.  The name may have been in my mind for a while, but as were other titles, all of which set different tones and moods, it was my responsibility to decide how to present my tale to the public.  Other titles included, “the mystery if the factory”  “cogs of the machine” “metal forest”  “in the shadow of the dark woods”

Each of these titles represented this story and what it stands for, but ultimately I went with one that was both accurate and ironic.  The town is named curing whyte after the factory which was bolt by curing edge industries tm.  So the title can be taken literally, it is also quite ironic as the factory and even a fifth of the town is decrepit.  The reasoning behind this is explored deeply in the tale, but ultimately it is an echo style murder mystery.  It is a story that takes place, Beyond the Cutting Edge!

Now remember stories aren’t like Romeo or roses, names are very very important.  I’d watch a film called silence of the lambs it sounds creepy and mysterious, I would not watch a film titled, cannibal vs skin wearer.  When naming less is usually more, though not always, as is the case of The Curious Case Of The Dog On The Night.  I’ve like to say one you’ve got the perfect title you’ll know, but you really won’t.  You actually have to weigh the pros and cons here, I’m sorry about that.

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I can hardly perform without an audience!

hi hi hi
Quick break from my nanowrmo prep to ask the important questions.  Please please please, comment your answers as it shall help improve the quality of this blog tremendously.

Number one, subscribers, why did you subscribe?
Number two, are you glad you did?
Number three, anyone reading, what kind of content do you typically enjoy from a blog?
Number four, how closely do I match this content?
Number five, if you could change one thing about the echo blogs what would it be?
Number six, do you like how green it is?

Anyways, I’ll probably post another pre writing thing later today. But please, enjoy yourself.  And I’m sorry about the pop quiz.  If you’d rather not leave a comment, feel free to email me at trueecho22@gmail.com, or send me a twitter, https://twitter.com/Echoshadow22
so much technology.

Such is life!