Project Echoshadow: Rain

They stood there in the shallow cave looking out upon the world as everything was battered fiercely by small drops of rain.  “This is a storm, all right,” Echoshadow said, in a worried tone.  Scarlet giggled, “So you can take on an army singlehandedly but a  little water and you hide for shelter?” She chided playfully.  With a grumpy look on his face he turned to her and said in a cold dark voice which echoed from all directions. “You go out there first if you’re not also worried about it.”  She gave him a look that erased his playful smile, but made no forward motions, staying put with a grim determination that shook the genetic experiment down to his very core.  She said nothing, but it was enough for him to melt, figuratively and literally as he seeped into the soil to attain nutrients, it was something he taught himself to do in order to use less food on his long journey accompanying the young Lady to the Castle.  “Gross, I told you not to do that around me ever.”  Scarlet demanded, making echo instantly reform above the surface.  “Also what did you hunt down for me to eat?”  She questioned, in a sour mood from the rain.   At this point Project Echoshadow had been faithfully following orders for two weeks and not once did she seem satisfied, the fact that he had been unable to find any deer before the storm came was obvious to her before asking the question.  Her asking it annoyed him, it was the first time he truly felt frustration and his reaction was to push her and himself out into the rain.

Scarlet Blaze hated the world that had taken her family, she hated everything about it, including her new guardian echo, but when he pushed her out into the rain, instead of anger she was so shocked that she laughed.  Her laughter was a beautiful melody mixing with the percussion of raindrops beating against the drums of the earth. creating a song that intoxicated Echoshadow like nothing else, and he was happy, it was a moment he wished would never end.  Just as soon as it started it stopped.  The rain died first, then the laughter, though the happiness remained.  “What in the world is wrong with you echo?”  Scarlet said with a large smile.  “I don’t know, some kind of fish” Echoshadow responded refusing to give an intelligible response.  “I don’t know when the last time I laughed so hard was, thank you, you lunatic.” Scarlet said as she started marching towards the Rainbow Valley again.  Nothing was going to stop her, not even joy could bring relief.  Project Echoshadow followed utilizing echolocation to quickly find his prey, a large buck to kill for his friend’s dinner.  “when this mission is done, I don’t wish to be forgotten by you Lady Blaze.”  Echoshadow said attempting to sound professional. “I may not be the nicest girl, but I do consider you a friend echo, I won’t just forget you.” Scarlet responded in a serious tone.
They made it to the castle four days later, but tha’ts a story for another post.


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