Dark Storm: The Accused King

In his mind all doubt was dead.  There was only darkness, only darkness.  He saw the light, he knew the light, it resonated with his very soul, it purified him temporarily, it shoved aside the darkness he had given his life to.  He knew what hit him at the Blaze estate, and he wanted this power for himself.  The darkness slowly returned over the course of one long week, but when he returned to the ruins the girl was gone.
      Rage boiled his black blood and he wailed in a dark agony causing dark magic to spill out into the land cursing the ashes of the Blaze estate further. The king knew that young girl possessed the secret of sacred light, and as far as he was concerned it was the final key in his quest for immortality. Fearing he would be struck down once more and die, he arranged to hire an assassin in secret to collect his specimen for him. The darkness was mixed
with fear, the fear of death. He sat on his throne in the dark room awaiting for things to align with his ambitions, as far as he was concerned his destiny was soon to be fulfilled. Then a dim emerald slither of light appeared, his shadow dances joyfully as
dread spread across his face. “So you’ve returned, are you attending to royal business today by any chance?” Queen Water Arrow asked as she took her place next to him her necklace glinting with a strange red shine. “I’ve a headache, so I may not make it through the entirety of the day, but I can’t simply ignore my civic duty.” Dark Storm said coldly. The look on the queen’s face clearly made a point to question him but she held her tongue with elegance. He resumed his work deciding matters of the kingdom, though it rapidly became apparent that his decision making ability was impaired to the point where he was beginning to appear irrational. Holding every trade agreement and raising taxes just for the fun of it. He cared not for soon he would be eternal.


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