rambling echo is rambling

My missing keyboard may not have completely stopped my blogging ambitions, but it has halted all youtube goals which frustrates me to no end. An amazing creative output relinquished unduly I demand justice, but not really to lazy for that.  This also serves to deminish my job hunting abilities, which were clearly subpar already as I’m without employment.  My brother took it, logically I should take it back yet I find myself incapable of acting out against my family in order to assist myself.  He’s clearly enjoying the games, I honestly cannot take that joy away from him to help myself progress.  Which in the end is the real reason I’m in capable of success, I’m too far from ruthless.  I allow myself to be used by others and never raise my voice in protest.  I just need to get up and speak for myself, to take what I need, that is the way to thrive, and yet, here I am.  In a dark room typing a blog with my old phone wondering what tomorrow will bring me as I shall bring nothing into the coming day.  Such if life, though it need not be the case forever.



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