New Post

     How to come up with a new post quickly. I write this instead of writing a real post, aren’t I clever.  Also a dinosaur convinced me that I haven’t done enough lists so that’s funny too.

Step one pick a topic, something simple that you can write about well.  I suggest either something you know really well or something you have questions about. 
Step two pick a theme, now this is important, do you wish to be comedic or make lists, perhaps you want to write a review with the theme of PURE SARCASM, go right ahead. 
Step three writing, no mater what you do there comes a time when a writer must write you can’t spend all your time in the prewriting, though sometimes I wish I could.
Step four editing, also known as the step I often forget.  Reread that post, and again, and once more, now read it backwards.  That is how you edit, though I’ll probably forget in the near future.
Strip five, throw caution to the wind and post!
Step six (optional) share on social media, all of your online buddies should see your hard work scribbling furiously. 
Step seven (mandatory!) read comments, you don’t have to respond to everything but you should respond to at least the first two or three, and read all of them.


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