in preparation for november,

     As some of you may know I’ve opted to take on the lofty novel challenge, NaNoWrMo.  This unneeded workload shall inevitably prove both problematic and rewarding.  To assist myself I’ll be doing a few literature based exercises, as well as actually doing some decent pre writing.  So either today or tomorrow I’ll start with my personal favourite, world building.  Also I’m reading my trusty thesaurus as well as two of my surprisingly numerous pocket guides for writers.  In other words, I’m excited and so should any fans of the echo blog.

. I’ll post the pre write stuff as I work on it typos and all, I doubt I’ll correct many of them as the whole point is to be raw and rough around the edges.  A free trip into the mind of the madman with a pen.


One thought on “in preparation for november,

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