How To Build An Entire World!

     Good morning, sorry about not posting yesterday I got sort of lost within a storm of job hunting.  I have a promising interview today, wish me luck.  More to the point, I managed a few writing related things, namely I’ve decided what input I need to maximize my output, more on that in a future post.  Today I shall be at my best and form a world in which my story can take place.

      A world in order to be believable must have a few things.  Am origin for the entire planet isn’t needed, though lore is of importance.  While it doesn’t matter how the world came to be what masters more is how people think the world came to be.  People act based on beliefs and beliefs in a fictional world can be extremely different.  Next focus on history, it needs not be extensive the level of history a fifth grader would know about the land is more than acceptable.  To feel real it has to reference things from before the story at least once or twice.  By now you’re already thinking of geography and climate, is it a freezing mountain a blistering desert,, you cant take up the entire planet, narrow it down some.  With this you’ve got almost everything you need to get your settings in place and let your characters develop naturally.

        This was actually the most productive post I’ve had in a while I almost feel like a real blogger.  Anyway if you like crafting worlds and use a different method please comment it.  I love to hear from the audience I’m still learning myself after all.  HAVE AN ECHO-TASTIC DAY!!¡!!
{trying out possible new catch phrases}



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