Personality, naturally

Characterization through action (cta) is my personal favourite method for developing players in my wonderful flights of fancy.  instead of just drafting up a person, I have them form based upon the plot and settings.  I don’t go out of my way to make a honest person, but if the plot necessitates honesty, then honesty shall occur.  This is the only way I make my characters, with of course the exception of reused characters, who have already been developed through this process. 
    I like to think of this as reverse writing.  Most likely this is due to me naming things wrong.  For nanowrmo preparation, I’ll draw up no people, maybe a few lines of possible dialogue. 

“This entire forest of metal is a death trap.”  “yeah but, so is the actual forest so why should I care?” “you’re a madman aren’t you?”  “in the end was it ever even a question who would win?”

“I think onions are like the souls of people lost in the wild, no matter how you cut it somebody shall cry.”

“are we lost?” “define lost?”  “well do you know where we’re going?  “define where?”  “there’s a reason no one talks to you but me.”  “true, but this isn’t it, anyways I’ve got a map.”

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