Just keep walking!

dragons and unicorns, tumbleweeds and cacti, these are the things that echo dreams ate made of.  Today in my nanowrmo prep, I shall discus the importance of something other than what’s going on in that crazy head of mine.  Today is a day to talk about physical exercise.  Last night I walked to a grocery store for snacks, and inspiration struck hard.  Take a walk, life weights, go swimming, just make sure you spend time moving to help hey the creative juices flowing, now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got factory related terms to look up for a town name.

If you’ve enjoyed my brand of nonsense you may consider clicking the like vision or a subscription, it could be fun.  Feel few to comment which exercises you enjoy doing with regards to getting ready to write.  Also sorry about the short post today, if I’ve the time I’ll post a second one.



One thought on “Just keep walking!

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