Do you need me to draw you a map or something?

The answer is of course a roaring yes, obviously in these fictitious worlds we can’t always see what’s going on and little things can help.  While my artistic abilities in this regard are sub-par, and I doubt I’ll be leaving the maps in the finished copy, having one drafted up as part of my prewriting is quite beneficial. I often find myself making less spacial mistakes with one of these, much the way most people like to have the general plot written down so they don’t make events happen in the wrong order, I must draw maps so they don’t happen in the wrong places.  In my as yet unnamed NaNoWrMo story, the mane character lives in an abandoned part of town between the rest of civilization and the old factory.  I know this because I have a crudely drawn map with a arrow pointed to the abandoned section saying “MC here”  which is exactly what I suggest every single echo fan do, draw a map for your stories.  Remember it doesn’t have to be good, just accurate enough for you to use it, no one else has to ever know it exists, and maybe if you’re like me and have friends with actual talent you can beg them to redraw it for you when your beautiful work of art is complete.


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