What’s in a name?

Yesterday I finally managed to name my nanowrmo story, Being the Cutting Edge.  The name may have been in my mind for a while, but as were other titles, all of which set different tones and moods, it was my responsibility to decide how to present my tale to the public.  Other titles included, “the mystery if the factory”  “cogs of the machine” “metal forest”  “in the shadow of the dark woods”

Each of these titles represented this story and what it stands for, but ultimately I went with one that was both accurate and ironic.  The town is named curing whyte after the factory which was bolt by curing edge industries tm.  So the title can be taken literally, it is also quite ironic as the factory and even a fifth of the town is decrepit.  The reasoning behind this is explored deeply in the tale, but ultimately it is an echo style murder mystery.  It is a story that takes place, Beyond the Cutting Edge!

Now remember stories aren’t like Romeo or roses, names are very very important.  I’d watch a film called silence of the lambs it sounds creepy and mysterious, I would not watch a film titled, cannibal vs skin wearer.  When naming less is usually more, though not always, as is the case of The Curious Case Of The Dog On The Night.  I’ve like to say one you’ve got the perfect title you’ll know, but you really won’t.  You actually have to weigh the pros and cons here, I’m sorry about that.

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