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The madman with a pen has officially completed a novel, I wrote more of it almost every single day, I also blogged every-single day, probably a mistake to do both November challenges, but hey at least I shaved right?
if that’s not funny it’s because I can’t think of real comedy, anyways click the link above to see how I’m not lying about finishing the book, isn’t that interesting?  I’ll be posting the last few chapters between now and tomorrow, so enjoy the story, or not, I’m quite excited.   Also I asked a fellow blogger to help me edit  the story, so that should be interesting, check out her work if you have the time.   For writers who often make mistakes, simply befriend a grammar Nazi and ask kindly that they simply be who they naturally are, you’ll watch the wrong doings fly out the window with extreme efficiency.

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5 Writing Tips I Learned During NaBloPoMo

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inspiration, writing, daily prompt, writers, sign, quoteNaBloPoMo is hard, ya’ll. Writing is in my blood, and yet, at this stage in the game I’m ready to throw in the towel on writing forever. I’ve fatigued my brain, and I’m sure some of you may have noticed the quality of my posts going down.

I’ve always thought NaBloPoMo would be much easier than NaNoWriNo simply because of the variety and lesser word count that it allows. What I failed to realize (for the second year in a row) is that NaBloPoMo requires 30 consecutive finished pieces rather than one piece which can be edited at a later time. In this way, it can be much more challenging.

Aside from the writing itself, it has been difficult to stay inspired. If you normally write twice a week, it would take you 15 weeks (or almost 4 months) to write 30 posts. A lot of stuff can happen in…

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Beyond the Cutting Edge: Chapter eighteen

Tristan’s confidence diminished over the course of the first hour as he wondered through the many winding paths that all seemed to lead back to Dreagon, whose rather large meal seemed never ending, Tristan couldn’t help but think he was somehow being tricked. “What witchcraft is this now?” Tristan yelled approximately forty five minutes into his journey back to his friends. He began to run in panic, which only made the pathways appear more and more distorted as he went along. As he wandered aimlessly his mind began to wander too, he wondered what happened to Kaylie, Dragoon seemed genuinely surprised by her vanishing, and he was pretty certain Tristan would have been severely injured. His mind struggled to put two and two together despite his oncoming exhaustion, he had more than exceded his limits, the nights of limited sleep due to worry weren’t helping, but the true cause was that this had simply been a long night, filled with stress and violence a potent sleep serum if ever there was one. Tristan knew he would be free soon; he had given himself a day to escape that building before Dreagon would come after him and his friend’s probably enough time for a nap Tristan reasoned. His mind wouldn’t stop trying to figure out why he saw Kaylie before the swords switched to his hands, and how her scent could simply vanish, he had no idea what it meant or at least he didn’t in the first hour. The second hour was a bit different, at around ninety minutes into his journey he got it into his head that walking backwards would somehow help him find his way. SO he began running backwards quite certain he would soon trip down the stairs which would undboutably lead him to the exit. This persisted for Fifteen minutes, so at one hour and forty five minutes Tristan came to the realization that not only was this plan not working; he also looked like an idiot. Dreagon was laughing at him from his still warm meal. Tristan wondered what his friends were doing outside, if they though he had died in there, and if they had done something about the dead monster before them. Tristan tried to push these thoughts to the back of his head; he tried to focus on the task before him. How many paths could there be he reasoned. Everywhere looked the same; he couldn’t tell if he was moving forwards backwards or sideways. As far as Tristan could tell he was standing still. Then he decided to look down at his feet as he walked. Needless to say this wasted another ten minutes, and then began hour three.
Hour three was a colossal waste of time he spent it alternating between manically running on any given path and standing around looking sorry for himself, this was no more evident than at three hours and fifty five minutes when he had the grand idea of fusing the two concepts together. Dreagon’s red wine came out of his nose at this moment. The fourth hour threatened to be more of the same, but Tristan’s psyche was severely damaged by all this lost he had to deal with. His mind began to project, he was hallucinating now, Tristan was suddenly in the forest looking for something he couldn’t tell what at first. He ran to and fro searching far and wide. Never giving up never giving in, it was there he knew it was.
Tristan followed a crystal blue river, it was beautiful and pristine it lead through a strange metal platform people were discussing building plans, they crafted that platform to be a sturdy base, Tristan hated this vision and wanted it gone, suddenly he was standing in the same place but it was different, altered by time, that section of the forest was dead, the water was emerald green the platform now housed a giant factory, it was beautiful how decrepit things were. Tristan loved this world it was so ugly. He laughed like a madman as in the real world he walked past Dreagon again, but this time he knocked on a wall revealing a hidden pathway which led to another floor, though he didn’t see that, all he saw was his ancestor watching the factory emit strange smoke and the people running away from it in fear. Tristan laughed as the people panicked and many died. Tristan couldn’t fully understand what was going on, but it seemed the people were blaming the traveler who arrived the day before, despite his claims that he had yet to do a thing in that town. The traveler broke from the chains they put him in and threatened to kill them all for this. His Great Grandfather sealed him away for that, not for any crime, but to protect his home. Dragoon’s revenge was against Cutting Edge itself. Upon realizing this, Tristan broke from his trance, he was unaware where he was or how he got there, but it wasn’t the same floor he was on before, somehow he knew he was on ground level, the madness had faded all that remained was grim determination to save Cutting Edge, even if he was dead Dragoon’s plan had been created over the course of decades, it was obvious that he had the time needed to have a tragic plan b. Tristan had to stop that plan b, even if it cost him his life.
Tristan rushed about lost on this floor too, it took him only half an hour to find the door, which would have been long, if he didn’t compare it to the other floor he found himself on earlier. Tristan struggled to move the giant wooden doors in order to free himself from that prison, Shadows Blessing was the ultimate trap, but he had freed himself, and now he was ready to free Cutting Edge from Dragoon’s wrath, or at least that was what he thought before he opened the door. Once he was outside the world had changed, no longer a lush forest with questionable magic and a thousand secrets near an old half abandoned town, no not at all now Tristan found himself in a tall mountain, and had no clue how he ended up there. But he couldn’t let a mountain stand in his way, as he turned he realized Shadows Blessing wasn’t even there, he must have stepped through some form of portal. He reached into his back pocket for the soul gem, but it wasn’t there, he must have dropped it in Shadows Blessing or the Dark Forest, or anywhere else he didn’t care all that mattered was he no longer had it. “You’ve come at last child of destruction. A dark shadow said as it arose from the ground. “I am Violet Nior, the true Master of the Order of Shadows, welcome to my personal hell.” She said with cold laughter. “How did I get here?” Tristan asked pondering the possibility of his premature demise at the hand of Dreagon who could easily have been lying about falling for his stupid trick. “No don’t worry you’re not dead, I manadged to bring you here temporarily so you can help me with a bit of a problem I’m having, and maybe help me take that wonderfully inhuman body you pushed off the building earlier. That would be wonderful.” Violet said cheerfully. “No thanks just skip to the part where you ask me for the first favour.” Tristan said walking past her, he stopped in his tracks when he saw it, or rather when he saw her. “Kaylie?” Tristan said aloud before rushing over to hug her. HE was unable to make it to her before she was blasted back by some strange arcane magic. “She got herself trapped here, I can’t overpower her accidental spell without an outside force, you’ll naturally be back in the real world in a moment, I just needed to talk to explain what’s going on, at first I planned simply to tell My wonderful Gangar, but I can tell he’s no longer of any use to me, so you’ll have to do.” She said floating lazily in one spot. “I don’t know when my life went from stealing from old people tricking younger people into helping me and occasionally doing the odd job for a bit of extra cash to summoning rituals of demons and listening to imprisoned wraiths.” Tristan complained sourly. “Life does often take turns we don’t expect, like when I was stabbed to death by someone I trusted dearly.” Violet replied, sadly. “Obviously I’m going to help; She’s my friend after all.” Tristan replied. “I beg of you to consider that second task as well, I may not be the most trusted figure, but the Order of Shadows existed for centuries without causing any problems to this town your home has been our home, we cohabitate the land peacefully, or rather we did before the interlopers of steal, I can’t believe that foolish Gear really thought I wasn’t going to defend myself. He thought his Palace system would destroy me, I’ll show him true destruction.” Violet ranted. “that’s why I won’t, you’ve got your own men, they’ll take you back from me eventually, you can’ try to free yourself then, but for now you’re my prisoner and that’s it. I will however be so gracious as to get her out of your cell, you do deserve at least to have some privacy.” Tristan said with a bow. “Fine, but one final thing, he’s not actually dead yet, so get to that quickly.” Violet said as Tristan felt his world begin to fade, he knew he’d find himself just outside Shadows Blessing soon, and with the soul gem, he knew he didn’t have much time before Dragoon awoke, he had to move fast, he had to save Kaylie, he had to save Cutting Edge, he had to save everyone.

Race against the clock: A NaNoWriMo story

according to the link up above, if it actually worsk that is, I’m aproximately 11 thousand words away from completing my novel, which feels more like twenty thousand words awya from reaching a logical conclusion, but I don’t know if can write that much between now and the thirtyith, maybe I should stop wasting my time with all this blogging stuff.  Not that this is a waste of time, just that I think I’m busy with this other thing because I don’t have much access to a nice good clean pc to actually type with my 97 words per minute speed.  So I just wanted to inform everyone that Project Echoshadow is offically in panic manic mode. and will probably be featuring countless chapters, by countless I mean I don’t know how many yet because the book has yet to conclude, I just finished Chapter seventeen, not going to lie, I didn’t realize who the real killer was until I typed it out and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  WOOO WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Writing is fun.

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Beyond the Cutting Edge: Chapter sixteen

Tristan stared into the gem watching the shadows dance, the only thing breaking the shadows were the ticks of the grandfather clock the night was so still the small ticks actually echoed. Blue sat near him in silence, the prisoners chained in the next room Lisa was Gaurding them first while Blue tried to get some sleep. Tristan refused to sleep, not until his friend was returned, he stared at the gem wondering how a gem could lead such a large group. “Do you think it talks?” Tristan asked Blue. “Must talk if it was in charge, maybe only the one guy could hear it, which is why they put him in charge.” Blue said with a yawn. “Or he made this gem up to gain control after killing their old leader.” Tristan mused to his friend. “I don’t really care what that thing does, as long as it gets them to bring our friend back, and maybe explain why Rich killed Abagale.” Blue muttered as he made himself comfortable on the floor in what amounted to a nest of blankets he crafted for himself after being offered a real bed again. Tristan stared deeper into the gem wondering why it looked so familiar, as if he had seen it before, and then it hit him, not unlike a brick. He fell out of his chair from pure shock.
Rushing down the stairs as fast as he could Tristan made his way to his reading chair sat down and picked up his book on gem appraisal. Despite being so basic on most of the subjects it did mention something he thought was odd, something he ignored at the time distracted as he was by Gear breaking into his house. He opened the book flipped to the desired page and read aloud. “There are several precious stones rumoured to have mystical powers, one of which the soul gem is claimed to capture people at the moment of death if they are filled with ultra condensed magics, such actions are difficult to replicate, and thus no one has ever tested them, though it must be noted the common theory as to how this works I that the gem is merely connected to another spot where it sends those it captures in order to preserve them, some theorized using this for teleportation, see the chapter on gems and alchemy for more.” Tristan tossed the book aside and scrambled through his notes on alchemy from his investigations. Tristan didn’t know why he wanted to solve this puzzle, but he did, it had him so enthralled he scarcely noticed when his door was knocked down by Rich. He noticed when Rich tried to swing a sword at him though, moving aside at the last moment. “One of the two groups is still controlling you Rich, you’ve got to fight it.” He would have said more but then others began walking in, not members of either Order, just members of the town, it seemed to be almost everyone, their eyes staring off into the distance as if they weren’t aware what they were doing. Tristan filled with fear, not fear of himself being in danger, but fear that he had broken the entire town.
“You see, darkness is our friend, you need only let me go and you two can join our ranks.” Gangar Nior explained to Lisa. “Yeah but aren’t you Tristan’s dad? You look just like that one photo he has in the room he never enters.” Lisa inquired. “I don’t know to be honest; my past is gone, stolen relinquished for my crimes against the master.” Gangar responded. “Wait, you could be my father?” Gear asked suddenly turning to see Gangar with his hood down. “How could you not notice that before?” Lisa asked. “Well not only our my memories of him faded beyond recognition, he also always wears a hood, I don’t actually get to talk to him all that often, why didn’t that spirit tell me about this.” Gear complained. “The voice in the fog? He told me you would be the beginning of the end for me.” Gangar said sadly, realizing he hadn’t heeded the advice which would have saved him from all the trouble he was in, his master gone and him tied to his enemy. “Oh yeah, we freed that guy.” Lisa said happily. “No you didn’t.” Gear said defensively. “Yes we did, he showed us that Rich did, it, he seemed to be under some sort of trance though.” Lisa explained. “Please tell me this is a joke.” Gangar pleaded. “What’s wrong?” Lisa asked feeling frightened. “Isn’t it obvious?” Gear asked as the front door burst open loudly and several footsteps sounded loudly. “Which of you is trying to break free?” Lisa asked. “Neither, you’ve awoken the demon, the real killer; he must have known how we’d react to his prophecies all along.” Gangar exclaimed fearfully. “You mean the Fog voice guy is the real killer?” Lisa demanded fearfully. Tristan burst through the door, “Leave the prisoners, we’ve got to run the townsfolk have gone mad, I don’t know what’s going on anymore but we’ve got to move it now.” Tristan yelled while rushing to wake Blue as well. The three of them jumped out the window landing safely in a well placed bush only to find themselves still surrounded. “Where do we go?” Blue asked terrified, justifiably so. Tristan reached into his pocket and found a whistle, he blew it hard the noise was so high pitch it made all the people cover their ears including his friends, he grabbed his friends and ran through while the people tried to get over the shock of the sound.

Beyond the Cutting Edge: Chapter fifteen

A war waged on, a girl followed a trail of blood, another peered into what should never be seen, and the child of destruction was about to fulfill his destiny, they had been warned by the voice of the fog, but they had ignored him. “I’m sorry that you’ve been mislead all these year, but I don’t actually need a body guard, I’m the Archmage around here, the dark magics of shadows come from me.” The man in gray said a black bladed sword appeared in his hand. Gear cackled like the mad man he was then began his assault swinging wildly, being easily parried by the man in gray. “I’m spry and youthful, I don’t need any magic to stop you, but I’m not opposed to using it anyways.” Gear said as his sword began to glow, the man in gray’s sword did the same. Tristan stood there staring at the two of them, feeling ignored, something he usually loved, it gave him time to do what he really wanted, which was often steal something or move something, misdirection was a big part of his life, but tonight, in that chamber in the light of the soul gem, Tristan wanted, no demanded, respect. “ENOUGH!” Tristan exclaimed while two of his throwing daggers found their way into the arms of the two men fighting before him. “I’m tired of this, you’re going to explain what’s going on right now or die, I don’t care if you died before or did some magical nonsense, right here and right now I’m in charge and I’m in control I don’t care if you think you’re a god or a prophet right now I have the power and you’ll do as I say.” Tristan explained before his common sense could catch up and remind him he had yet to find leverage to use against them. The two men exchanged confused looks before proceeding to do a joint assault against Tristan Bolt.
Lisa found herself in some strange underground forest, located beneath her house, she knew it was there, she didn’t know how she knew. She walked slowly following the blood which seemed to be too much for just the gaurds. She heard a roar a growl and then screams, she rushed ahead only to find more gaurds dressed in the garb of the Shadows. “We coulodn’t stop it, there’s no way that thing is human.” One of them said to her, not caring that she wasn’t a member, just longing to give out one final message before he died. Lisa quickly sealed their wounds by ripping pieces of their black robes for use as bandgages. “Drama queens the lot of you, if you just stop and save yourself, you’ll be fine.” She complained while moving on following a fresh trail. Blue was the reason they were there, whatever chaos her friends may cause, it would be pointless if she couldn’t get to Blue before he got hurt. He was howling like a wolf when she finally caught up to him, some twenty half dead people from both shadow and steal later. “Blue, shut up with this random killings right now, control yourself or I will.” She yelled at him. Blue seemed shocked by this, he looked at her as if he couldn’t recognize her for a moment, then fell unconscious from his own blood loss. She rushed to him hoping she still had time to save him.
Lisa was filled with magic, not her own she had very little of that, but what little she had she inadvertently used to activate the full force of the condenced magic drained out from the forest over the course of many years. It would have killed her instantly had it not been purified by the men she knocked unconscious moments earlier, her eyes began to glow as she began to float and see. She saw Blue falling over and Lisa rushing to help him, she saw Gear and a man in gray, someone she saw before, somewhere, perhaps a photograph, she could see his face, but more importantly she saw they were fighting not eachother, but Tristan. Tristan was in danger, grave danger She knew she had the power to help him, though she wasn’t usre how to use it. The basin was emptied of magic, at some point she drank it, filled with years of magic she felt like a glowing goddess. She was in two places, neither of them the spot she had been in a moment earlier. At once she was both with Blue healing him with her powers and with Tristan shielding him with her own body, the pain of being stabbed by two people was great their swords glowed and burned at her skin. She pulled the blades out of her and away from the men holding them, handing both to Tristan, and then she wasn’t there, she was with Blue healing him, and when his eyes opened she wasn’t there either, she wasn’t anywhere, she was confused it was a place beyond her sight, she had no idea what she did, but she didn’t regret it, she helped her friends, she loved her friends, and love is sacrifice.
Tristan was confused, one moment he was seconds away from death, the next he saw Kaylie, she smiled at him and then was gone, he was holding the blades. They glowed brighter than before. “As I was saying, I’ve got the power and you two will explain yourselves.” Tristan said pretending he knew exactly what happened. Blue coughed up blood that leaked into his lungs before the wounds had all been sealed up, he felt amazing, better than ever. “What happened?” Blue asked. “I don’t know, I thought I saw my sister.” Lisa said laying down exhausted. “We can’t rest, I’ve got to kill that man, Drake Shadling is my father, I have to kill him.” Blue said getting up and helping Lisa to her feet. “Why do you have to kill your own father?” Lisa asked. “He’s the reason I ran away from home, the reason I live out in the wilderness, the reason I’m a monster.” Blue said resisting the urge to roar and run away on all fours. “I can smell him from here, Tristan is near him, so is Gear, they’re all waiting for us, but…” Blue stopped mid speech when he noticed something; he wasn’t sure how to explain it. “What is it?” Lisa asked. “Kaylie’s scent is gone, just gone.” He said confused. “Did she die?” Lisa demanded. “Dead people have a scent, this isn’t regular walking away or death, I have no idea what this is.” Blue explained as he walked in the direction of Tristan, and his destiny. “So what does that mean?” Lisa asked timidly. “I don’t know, but I’m going to ask my father before I crush his skull.” Blue said while picking up speed.
“I was chosen to lead this place after I killed the former leader, it wasn’t my intention, I simply thought I’d end the shadows, but Shadows never die, not truly his sipirit lives on within that gem, he is our true leader, I’m merely a voice for him to speak through.” The man in gray explained. “What is your name voice of the gem?” Tristan asked angrily. “You may call me Gangar Nior.” The man in gray said sourly. “Good, now you’re turn Master Gear.” Tristan said sarcastically. “Fine, you know most of my story but, here it goes. I found out about a group of people as dedicated as my own men, a group capable of destroying my group, I couldn’t let this go unpunished so I made this my number one goal, in order to help me with this plan I created a wonderful machine in order to do this.” Gear said while pressing a button in the remote he retrieved from his sleeve. The chamber rumbled and the palace system activated releasing sonic vibrations which threatened to shatter the soul gem, without any idea why Tristan kicked the remote from Gear’s hand caught it and turned off the machine. “No, not until I’ve passed judgment. Now sit on your hands while you explain this or I’ll chop them off. Gear begrudgingly obliged this request. “The palace system isn’t meant to do mind control that was a side effect, its intended purpose is to poison the underground and corrupt the magic forces, we practiced it with the prototypes in the Forest Drain, his Mages had to work overtime to try and purify their blessed waters because of this, which and with the size of the true Palace, it was obvious they would be ill-equipped to defeat us, we were going to have one final test of our might against theirs before using it, we finished it today, well ahead of schedule.” “Thank you for sharing your stories, but I’ll have to figure out what’s going on from the true leader of the shadows.” Tristan said as he approached the soul gem, strange shadows danced just beneath the surface. Something about this annoyed Tristan, but he ignored it and placed a hand on it, He had no idea how he knew, but suddenly he realized Blue and Lisa were running towards him and would be there in a moment. So he waited for them.
“Took you long enough.” Tristan remarked without turning to see them as they approached, the man in gray and Gear Chained to one another him staring at the large gem. “What’s going on?” Lisa asked as Blue rushed to find his father amongst the many people left fighting, only to see him lain out on the floor breathing but barely, without hesitation, without remorse he sliced his father’s head off using only his nails. “You drunk.” Blue said calmly. He stood over his kill and kicked the head away, not a malicious kick, but rather the pathetic kick one would perform on a rock to pass the time waiting for a friend. The head rolled away and Blue turned to see what Tristan was doing. “I thought he looked familiar,” Tristan said noticing this strange action, and figuring out what it meant. “You’re always so observant, but what danger have you gotten yourself into this time?” Blue asked walking closer ignoring the chained men. “This gem has their true leader in it, Gear wanted to break it to show them he’s god, I stopped both groups and now I need to decide if I want to use Gear’s machine to destroy this gem as well.” Tristan explained. “Well you do end up in the strangest problems imaginable, being blamed for killings, and having to decide the fate of two secret organizations, with only a week between to rest.” Lisa remarked with a cheerful smile. “Yeah, did you guys see Kaylie anywhere?” Tristan asked feeling suddenly curious about the vision and sword switch which saved his life. “I saw her for a second, her eyes were glowing and she healed Blue, then vanished.” Lisa admitted. “Well, Blue, you track down her scent while I decide what to do here.” Blue merely shook his head sadly, which was all Tristan needed to hear. “I’m taking the Gem I’m taking the machines You two will both be sealed away with me until either of your groups finds out what happened to my friend, you can now send that message to your groups and tell them to never fight again.” Tristan said while picking up the large glowing gem and placing it into his pocket. “You have one day, one final day, after which I’ll kill you both, Blue carry them for me, we’re going to take them to my house.” Tristan said calmly. Blue picked up the men and carried them to the warring factions where they both repeated Tristan’s message verbatim.

Beyond the Cutting Edge: Chapter Fourteen

Tristan awoke, according to his grandfather clock it was one fourty five. He quickly got himself ready to leave for a dangerous mission. “Tristan Bolt did you really think we wouldn’t be here waiting?” Kaylie said when he exited his front door, they were waiting out there for him. “How did you guys know I’d be leaving for this tonight?” Tristan questioned in a whisper. “We saw that look in your eyes, you always do that before a heist, but this time we’re not stealing an item, but a person.” Lisa said cheerfully. “Fine, I’m sure I could use a look out or two.” Tristan said as he began walking towards the abandoned house Kaylie and Lisa had been trapped within. “How do you know this is the place?” Kaylie asked. “Let’s just say it came to me in a dream.” Tristan explained while revealing a trap door in the very room his friends escaped from what seemed like years ago. “So right through here we’ll find our way into one of the most dangerous places in all of Cutting Edge, you sure you guys don’t want to stay back while I handle this?” Tristan asked cautiously. “No, stop being stupid, he’s our friend now too, so we’re going after him even if you want to chicken out.” Kaylie said sternly. Tristan smile while dropping down into the darkness, as far as he was concerned he had the best friends in the world and he was more than happy to risk his life to save one.
The darkness he found himself within was vast and foreboding. “This place is sort of big.” Lisa whispered as she and Kaylie slid down a rope, the very rope that bound them earlier that week. “We’ll be free of this creepy place soon.” Kaylie whispered while peering around, struggling to see what was below the town; beyond the cutting Edge. The area they were within was some sort of large chamber, Tristan pondered its use to himself as he and his friends found their way quietly to a wall. Adjusted as he was to traversing the dark, this place was still too dim for him, he could scarcely make out several structures towards what he assumed was the centre of the room. Once at the wall they followed along it until they found a small opening which lead down and equally dark hallway. They traveled down this hallway for several miles, finding no doorways or turns at all. After what felt like an hour of walking slowly in order to move without noise. “This darkness suites you, child of destruction.” Gear said, appearing before them. “What do you want?” Tristan said dryly. “What are you talking about, my men have been at war with the Order of Shadows, for almost a year, you’re new to this fight, you’ve caught us in a battle, I should be asking you, what you want.” Gear said his new mask seemed to glow in the dark illuminating a small region near him. “Shut it, we’re looking for our friend.” Kaylie said angrily. “Oh yeah, wild child, I saw him in the cells, that’s a floor below here, so look out for stairs, only hint I’m giving.” Gear said as he turned to walk away. His mask stopped glowing obviously a controlled mechanism to help him appear and disappear as he saw fit because when it stopped glowing he seemed to stop existing. “We’re going to do something about the Order of Steal?” Lisa asked without a clue what exactly was going on. None of them knew, but the time had finally come for the final battle, and those three, were going to be a large part of it, more on that later.
They continued along this path only to find another opening as large as the last, it occurred to Tristan that this opening and the last were each one fifth the size of the town above. “They’re practically villages beneath the town.” Tristan exclaimed quietly so as not to arise the suspicions of anyone else lucking about in the dark. “That explains what those houses are for; they probably each have a second home down here, in the shadows.” Kaylie explained, or rather guessed aloud. They heard a noise and saw figures moving in the distance, the figures seemed to be fighting or something. “I think we’ve finally reached the battle zone.” Lisa said with a smile. “We need to find stairs; we’re not here to fight, not yet.” Tristan cautioned. “Probably in the houses.” Kaylie remarked walking towards the structures and the violence. Tristan and Lisa followed her. The battle looked intense though this was fortunate for Tristan and his friends, as it made sneaking about much easier for them, no one noticed three people snooping around in the midst of all the action. People were being killed and killing, death was moving through that place as if it were where it truly belonged, in the darkness and far from the regular people who were not doubt fast asleep dreaming of what they knew was obviously going to be a great day tomorrow; Blissfully unaware of what dangers lay below, what dangers they were in. Within the first subterranean structure they discovered the stairs. Quickly making their way to the levels below it became clear that they were unsure where to go next as they found themselves within an equally large chamber with large support pillars littered throughout. “Should we split up?” Lisa asked her worry finally starting to seep into her voice. “No, we stick together, I’m not going to lose you guys to this darkness.” Tristan said, just then his friends ran in opposite directions in search of Blue. “What is wrong with you guys?” Tristan complained before taking off in a third direction.
Lisa quickly found her way to a structure she randomly decided should be the cells, it felt like a place to imprison someone she reasoned to herself, in reality it was directly beneath CECF and her subconscious was aware of this, but all she knew was it felt right so she went to inquire within. Tristan found his way to the area directly beneath the Metal forest, and Kaylie made it to the area below the forest drain, where she would soon discover the truth behind the strange structures name. Lisa entered this structure only to discover she was correct and quickly found her way to the cell where Blue had been kept previously, the bars bent by pure force of will, several gaurds had been killed and were left on the ground, at first Lisa thought they were killed by the Order of Steal, but closer investigation revealed they had been scratched as if by an animal leaving them to bleed out and then knocked unconscious with tremendous strength. She knew what was going on, Blue had finally gone feral. She continued searching for him, noticing a small crimson trail leading away from the crime scene. Fear mixed in with her long list of emotions, blending perfectly, all she wanted to do was save a friend, now she wondered if someone would save her from that very friend.
“I don’t think you want to do that.” A man in an old Gray Robe spoke aloud as Tristan approached a glowing gem in the centre of the large chamber he found his way to. “Why not?” Tristan asked simply. “Well, we’ve kept you alive to help us, you’re more worth to us alive right now, touch that and we’ll be without choice in the matter, no one messes with the soul gem, ever.” The man explained his voice raspy yet familiar, as if something he heard long ago, in a place time forgot. “I don’t care, I’m stopping the shadows and the steal, you’re not able to threaten me.” Tristan said darkly. “Is that so? You think you know what’s going on, this has nothing to do with you, child of destruction, we’ve been having our fight without you, you stumbled upon this by accident and if you promise to leave without another word we’ll even supply you with the truth of who killed that girl.” The man said. Tristan was shocked, they knew, they always knew, they only kept it from him so he’d be forced to help them fight the Order of Steal. Tristan’s face must have shown just how angry he was because the man’s body guard Drake Shadling appeared. “Kid, we’re giving you a way out, just take it, you win we win even the Steal get to live another week or two, just say the word.” Drake said smugly. Tristan snapped at last. “Child of destruction, child of destruction, why does everyone keep calling me that, do they think I can just destroy everything, no that can’t be it, I’d be treated with a mix of fear and respect. Clearly I’m treated like the child part.” Tristan said before laughing the very way Gear laughed when they faced off in the Forest Drain. Drake moved quikly to silence the mad fool threatening his master, but it was odd. Tristan moved so fast it appeared he didn’t move, it was faster than Drake’s eyes could keep up with, he was over by the man in gray and Drake was on his back one moment after Drake had charged at him. “What did you do?” Drake asked fearful. “Much better, that’s the kind of reaction one would expect for a child of destruction.” Tristan said darkly. Gear appeared from the shadows, a long sword in hand, the soul gem began to glow lighting up the chamber revealing more Order of Steal. “Thanks for that, we had problems with the Shadling, the other two Shadlings went down so easily, I wonder what that’s about.” Gear said as he approached the man in gray. “You think you’re a threat to me, child of death.” The man in gray said, all that was visible of his face was a long gray beard and a cold smile. “Yeah, kind of, I’ve won here, your men are equally matched against mine, and I have a weapon close to your neck, closer still in a moment, your super solidor is on his back there is nothing you can do but die.” Gear said with his own laughter.
Kaylie foundherself surrounded by violence, people were stabing one another Steal versus Shadow. It looked like how she often imagined the end of the world would appear. It was almost beautiful how twisted this dark underworld really was, she smiled as she walked confidently through this mayhem to a strange glowing light in the centre of the large chamber she found her way too. It seemed to be a basin collecting water dripping from the large ceiling, Three men in White robes stood around it chanting some ancient prayer to themselves. “What are you doing?” She asked not caring that they were her enemies, she was in control, she wasn’t sure how or why, but she knew it was true. She wasn’t just in control she was control, this was her place and her time. “We are the mages of Shadows, we’re making sure to purify the water of the Forest Drain as it pours into our domain.” They explained in unison. “Wouldn’t you rather be in the fray?” She asked sweetly. “We are not permitted to do violence, we are the pure, the innocent, we are tasked to watch the water and heal the sick, and nothing more.” They explained, still in unison. Kaylie smiled to herself before punching one of them in the gut, he fell, she never hit someone before, it was liberating. She kicked another in the face and grabbed the last flinging him into the violence happening further from this light. She peered into the waters wondering if she could do some actual magic instead of her usual tricks. She had done one other real magic using that Crystal ball, how hard could it be to use something filled to the brim with enchanted water, so she peered into the water hoping to use it to see where Blue was, and she did, but she saw much more than that.