Beyond the Cutting Edge: prolog

The opening to my november novel.  Please enjoy!

Less than a few blocks away from the busy crowded markets, were abandoned buildings.  Ruins of the old life, the way things used to be.  A mere remnant of a once great and prosperous town, a town whose population was now a mere tenth of what it once was.  All of that land wasted with the exception, of one house.
A singular light within the darkness, a reminder that even this part of Cutting Edge was previously inhabited.  At least that was what it meant to most, to some however it was the birth place of the rebel king, to a smaller number of people it was the home of Tristan the thief, and to one young lady by the name of Abagale Witt, it was a nightmare waiting to spring to life.
The night started much like any other, wind howled and thunder echoed while the lightning caused shadows to dance across the streets of darkness, and young Tristan Bolt was throwing a party.  Despite being known as a theif and a conman (though to be fare he preferred the term con artist) he was tolerated by the youth, as he added something to their lives lost in all the day to day challenges of life.  “I don’t understand why I ever come to this place, the forest is a less dangerous trek.” Kaylie protested as if pleading with herself for her true intentions. “If that’s the case, leave.” Tristan said daringly appearing behind her despite the fact that she checked the room to make sure she was alone before speaking.  “You’d like that far too much, a chance to get me alone at night, lost in the darkness!  Something is wrong with you”  She retorted.  Silence filled the room, the moment seemed to stretch on into infinity as she awaited his response.  He laughed, she joined in too.
“But you can’t leave, everyone knows it isn’t a party without a magician!” chimed in a higher pitched female voice from a dark corner of the room.   “I told you never to mention that around HIM!” Kaylie hissed at the girl in the shadows.  “It was obvious, the sneaking into the forest often proved you were hiding something, you occasionally switch to big words like you’re puttin on a show or something, and your hands.  I’ve seen everything I need to without her mishaps.”  Tristan said confidently, before realizing both Kaylie and Lisa already left the room.  “Of course, left alone in the dark.” he said with a smirk before rejoining the party.  This was to be his greatest party yet.  Unfortunately for him, not everyone would make it home once his shindig was over.
Abagale finally decided to accompany her boyfriend Rich when he went to the old Bolt mansion, something she swore she would never do.  She was having an amazing time there was singing and dancing, all her friends were present.  Truly the time of her life, almost enough to make her forget the nightmares, a party so great she even told Rich shortly before her departure it was to die for.  She was found three days later.


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