My books


I dislike ridding myself of books, I prefer to keep them eternally. If ever there comes a. Time I wish to reread the adventures of Harry Potter or Artemis Fowl I want them close by, my room has three bookcases all filled to the brim with everything from dictionary to tales of Grimm.
Having my books close and my paper closer, with pens all over, makes me feel more at home, thus I love in a mess of books and sheets of paper, scribbles and doodles litter my world as far as the eye can seer. Until you open the door and enter another room, this room is my domain and I shall keep it as I see fit.


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6 thoughts on “My books

  1. Ha! Reminds me of when I had two bookshelves crammed with books! I love books too. I think about a year ago I finally decided that there were some I could give away without feeling that sense of panic. Now…the book collections are growing…again. I kept my Stephen King, Jeffery Archer and Agatha Christie novels plus some other treasures like Douglas Adams too.
    Ever since I found the world of blogging and even though I love notebooks and papers and pens …I feel that when I type on the laptop / seems “easier” the thoughts flow out smoother….it’s a little weird..hehe.

    • It may occasionally flow better, but I love having loose papers scattered about my bed when I awaken and piece together the order of my thoughts from the previous night.


  2. I love my books too! At one point I had over 700, then I had to weed down to move because I couldn’t take them all with me (boo) and now my collection is growing again. I haven’t counted lately, but it’s a lot and there are some I will never part with (like my Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl – it seems we have similar taste there!) but others I swap out on paperbackswap, usually ones I don’t enjoy very much, but then there is no net loss of books.

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