A morning in the life of echo

Good morning universe, welcome to anothe echo post. Let me start off by saying, no clue what to write about so I’ll just ramble until I make a point. Thanks!

I awoke feeling stiff and dehydrated, my eyes burning. I knew it wasn’t enough sleep but I didn’t care, my body longed to remain within the beautiful warm embrace of my thick blankets, but I would not allow my self the comforts of a comforter for fear if returning to slumber. Instead I rolled over, landing on the floor on my hands and knees, the fall made my adrenalin start giving me the strength to make it to the fridge. I ate a larger breakfast than usual then got down to business, writing my NaNoWriMo book Beyond the Cutting Edge. I was ready for November, I would finally finish something. But I needed more than my novel, I needed a blogpost, so I wrote up a post about how I actually had no idea what I’m doing and called it a day.

Such is life

If you enjoyed my description of November 1st you may consider subscribing or acrobatics, could be fun.



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