Today is the day I use one of the prompts but to retain promptlessness pride, I’ll use the one I suggested. Name a childhood book series and how it had an influence on you. So today is the day I talk about R.L. Stine, and why I love lame jokes.

For those of you unaware Goosebumps was a cheesy book series later adapted to an even cheesier television series, it was in the genre of horror but never scary, at least not for me. I dislike most things in the genre of horror, I don’t actually want to be scared and usually when I don’t find them scary, the knowledge that it was want to be makes me think of it as a failure. But Goosebumps were different, they were honestly amazing beyond words.
Early on in my reading obsessed says before middle school ( so before I started wolfbite ) I was just about done with every book in the house, and my brother in his infinite capacity to surprise me with spontaneous kindness, began bringing home Goosebumps every single school night. He would arrive home at around six, roughly the time I’d finish homework and I would then proceed to finish the book before bed time. The plots were simple yet oddly compelling, the characters had this strange mixture of unrealistic yet engaging the whole thing was just addicting. But above all else, it was filled with what my mind perceived as comedy, how can one not laugh at Say Cheese and Die,? There was a scene in one of the books where the main character was thinking about which foods were blue, it lasted half a page. That my friends is true art!
Due in part to these books I love to challenge myself with odd statements to try and sneak into my works. You may have noticed an odd abundance of words like “echo” and “shadow” as well as phrases like “time is irrelevant” it’s tons of fun. Not to mention all the lame jokes I blame on the hours of laughter caused by these wondrous books.

If you’ve enjoyed this rambling then by all means think of subscribing or maybe reading some Goosebumps, could be fun.

6 thoughts on “Goosebumps

  1. I haven’t read a ton of goosebumps, I have to confess, but what I have read I liked. I wasn’t allowed to read them for awhile as a child, so I mainly read other things.

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