An example of an echo song

Occasionally while doing something anything or nothing, I start singing to myself. The following was born of dirty dishes and exhaustion, enjoy.

Help, I’m falling
Oh no not again
Back to the drawing

No I’m losing
Everything again
Shouldn’t be snoozing

Why on earth do I
Think life’s so easy
Why would anyone
Want to try?

We’ll look at all these facts??
I don’t understand a word
From the fox to the tracks,
I think it’s all absurd
I think it’s all absurd

If you’ve enjoyed this brand of nonsense consider singing it, totally fun!



7 thoughts on “An example of an echo song

  1. Absurdity is one of my most favorite things. 😀 I also sing to myself, from things I’m reading or things I’m thinking… maybe we’re twins! 🙂

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