No bed knobs and broomsticks here!


I have a plastic pumpkin, two rubber ducks and a waxed apple, a Chinese piggy bank wearing chem goggles, a coconut, and a statue of the word apple juice. These are a few of my favourite things.

I’d enjoy it if you commented the strangest collectables you keep in your domain.


8 thoughts on “No bed knobs and broomsticks here!

  1. I have a lot of elephants. Stuffed one, a little golden one with jewels I got while I was in Korea, a snow globe with them, tons of stuff with them. I don’t find them weird personally, because they’re mine, but my husband thinks they’re weird. I save every magnet I’ve ever gotten even the promotional ones, even if I have no need of them, which is why I have 6 magnets on my fridge that say re-invent your body summer 2006 that I got for free somewhere but are too thin and flimsy to hold anything up. I have a pin hat where I collect various pins and buttons, including one I made myself that says SPEW from when I was in high school.

  2. Hmmm…weird stuff?
    Well…I still have stuff which I collected in my childhood..that’s like about 30 years old….oh dear 😦 I don’t think I have anything considered “weird” by “normal” people…this really needs to be corrected!!!
    I’ll start during Christmas shopping! Hehe

  3. I used to have all sorts of weird stuff– now my weirdest things are just my art collection and my stuffed animals… oh, and all the weird knickknacks I carry in my pockets… 🙂

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