NaNoWriMo week one

I’m roughly four thousand words behind schedule with no idea how to effectively catch up other than to just write and hope. In simpler terms, I’m happy.
This is exactly what I signed up for! I’m so excited, will I make it? Shall my book finish early? Will Tristan ever find the truth behind the strange happenings of Cutting Edge. I’m so joyful and life is wonderful such a beautiful challenge. I’m giddy, chapter five is the best thus far by far!

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11 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo week one

  1. No advice here. I’ve failed NaNoWriMo every time I’ve tried. I prefer writing short stories to novels, don’t always have the umph to stick a novel out, which is why I chose to do NaBloPoMo also because I think I can accomplish writing/blogging once a day without getting totally overwhelmed and quitting. My sister is doing Nano again and has been successful before. She’s been doing word sprints from the twitter (It’s like nanowordsprints or something like that) and finding it really helpful and she’s way ahead of where she was hoping to be at this point.

  2. signed on for both for the novel AND the blog posting? All the best!! And glad to hear that your novel is coming along too..and you get a “Wow!” from me for being so brave! 😀

    • I love a good challenge, so I took two to make the wordiest month ever!
      Yes I have an almost constant word headache but my posts are some of my best work ever and I’m on chapter five.


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