Let’s talk of the best settings I’ve ever made. Cathedral aren’t in any paticular order, and this is done so I feel like a better writer and then I can keep going through NaNoWriMo.

Bizarre bazaar, a mystical shopping spot hidden within an invisible building.
The frozen north, no explanations needed I just enjoyed the multiple descriptions of it I’ve done.
Town of shadows, a resting place for peaceful descendants of a blood crazed race they live in the ruins of those who their ancestors killed and sit around apologizing to the dead for the actions of other dead.
The Forrest of metal, I couldn’t resist adding a bit of Cutting Edge, this monolithic factory was abandoned for years but recently black smoke has emerged from its giant chimneys.
Vineer, a small peaceful village, the kind of place worth protecting even if a few of the villagers can be slightly xenophobic from time to time.

If you’ve enjoyed this self indulgence please consider subscribing or listing the best places you’ve created, could be fun.


2 thoughts on “Where!

  1. Awesome! The best places I ever created were full-blown empires in my own mind. Inevitably, this led to the creation of a pillow fort…

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