Once there was a man with no faith in humanity, a man filled to the brim paranoia. A true misanthrope simply awaiting death, but that all changed the day the sky rock fell. Not to be confused with a meteor though some blamed a meteor for its destruction, the sky rock was practically a mountain hovering above the world gliding lazily from place to place in a semi predictable pattern influenced by weather patterns. But one day this monolithic miracle died, the entire stone plummeted, landing an entire nation in his backyard. The people were terrified, horrified and mortified, their whole world fell to pieces without warning. They begged him for help and he thought they were disgusting, and wanted nothing more than to rid himself of this inconvenience so he decided to help them find a new home far from his. He would return to the solace of solitude.
He worked with them for days working so hard to help them find a new home. He saw them every single day in their worst helping each other and being as selfish as possible. The new community he created was magnificent and the people of the sky rock named him as their new leader, surprised by this he accepted, he was more than unaccustomed with such kindness it was alien to him. But he liked it, and he liked them. Such is life.

If you enjoyed this tale if redemption then perhaps you should subscribe or wire a better version, could be fun.



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