Growing up I want raised to simply follow my dreams and be happy, my mother also instilled in me a third goal, a devine life goal trinity that formed “the big picture” for me.  To be a productive member of society.  That is what I’ve been taught since the crib.  Naturally, not having a job gnaws at my soul. it grind me the wrong way, it burns me up, I hate it hate it HATE IT! 
  Anyways, my job search had been staying on for years, zero experience and zero confections, no degrees to speak of, tons of reasons to just not hire me, plus the job search started around the same time as an economic collapse, whatever that means.  I would rather be poor and working than some rich guy who does nothing, that’s how I was raised, but I’ve got neither.  Living off my mother’s kindness and wishing for financial independence. Longing for a chance to prove my value to the world, to verify my existence.

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2 thoughts on “Productivity.

  1. It can be hard to be without a job. My husband struggled with that when he legally could not have a job. Sometimes I struggle with that even though I am perfectly content here at home, other people sometimes push me to get a job, even though I am of the mindset that I can either pay someone to do what I am doing (take care of my son) or I can do it myself and I’d much rather do it myself (But that’s just me, everyone has to do what’s right for them). Hopefully you will find a job soon.

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